Vitality health insurance review

Perhaps you’ve heard a buzz about how groundbreaking Vitality Health Insurance is as private medical insurance cover.

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Perhaps you’ve heard a buzz about how groundbreaking Vitality Health Insurance is as private medical insurance cover. In this Vitality Health Insurance review, we look at the plan and see if the intriguing facts about the policy live up
to expectations.

About Vitality Health Insurance

VitalityHealth is a company in the UK known for its incentivization of healthy living. The insurer has over 1 million customers, offering private medical insurance with various benefits to compete with other entities in the market.

Vitality began in 2004 as an amalgamation of Discovery and PruHealth, merging with Standard Life Healthcare in 2010. The conglomerate offered life insurance and various other products.

The company rebranded as VitalityHealth in 2014 after Discover became the sole owner of the venture, specializing in private health insurance.

Today, the company has a fierce reputation as being one of the more renowned private healthcare insurers, winning multiple awards for the quality of its products. It also receives praise for taking a more modern and innovative approach
to private health insurance.

With all its decorations and praise from industry peers, let’s review Vitality Health Insurance to see if it lives up to its accreditations.

An Overview of Vitality Health Insurance’s Policies

We compare plans from the leading health insurance providers

This review will look at the flagship product in Vitality Health, the Core Cover policy. T
he general overview of the plan is that it offers complete inpatient care limited outpatient care and presents a vast number of coverage options for an additional premium.

The Vitality Health Insurance plan would be similar to many competing insurers’ offers, so what makes the policy stand out?

Key Selling Points

  • Virtual GP services

Policyholders can schedule virtual GP appointments within 48-hours with the Vitality app. There’s also a dedicated phone line to provide support 24/7, even when you’re abroad.

  • Physical GP services

You’ll have the option for very affordable face-to-face GP services should you choose. A private GP consultation will only cost you £20 upfront, with the rest of the cost covered by the plan.

  • No limits on breakthrough cancer drugs and therapies

Policyholders will have access to the most advanced cancer treatments with no limits. Whether it’s hormonal, biological, or bisphosphonate therapy – you’ll get coverage.

  • The Vitality care support

Vitality Care facilitates claims easier for complex conditions like cancer and mental health. Well-trained and qualified nurses will support your treatments and care in these challenging circumstances.

  • Mental health coverage

Vitality is one of the few insurers to include mental health coverage as a standard. Taking out a policy can consist of a few mental health support sessions.

  • Reward scheme for staying healthy

One of the unique selling points for a Vitality Health Insurance plan is the reward scheme for policyholders. Customers can purchase discounted wearable health devices that monitor fitness. Increased exercise translates into points that
can get redeemed for discounts, restaurants, spas, and much more.

What Does Vitality Health Insurance Cover?

The Core Cover private healthcare plan offers automatic coverage for the following:

  • Inpatient and day-patient treatment

  • Vitality GP

  • Cancer cover

  • Mental health support

  • Vitality care helplines

The below are optional add-ons to the standard Core Cover plan, depending on the extent of coverage you’d prefer. The options below come as an additional cost to the standard monthly premium.

  • Outpatient consultations and treatment

  • Alternative therapies

  • Mental health support and cover

  • Dental cover and optics

  • Medical care abroad

Note that some limits and excesses may apply to the above. It depends on the level of coverage desired by the prospective policyholder.

So how does Vitality’s Core Cover plan rank on the scale of pricing?

How Much Does Vitality Health Insurance Cost?

As with all health insurance policies, the monthly premiums can vary on various factors, including age, lifestyle, location, and level of coverage. The Core Cover pricing may fluctuate, but we can outline the average monthly cost in a
typical scenario. See these common conditions to weigh up the premium:

  • You live in a medium-sized population region like a UK town

  • You are around the age of 30

  • You have £500 of outpatient cover

  • You agree to a £250 excess

  • You are in generally good health

On average, this will cost around £41 per month for your Core Cover plan. This price will increase with age, where 50-year-olds can see monthly premiums of about £67 per month.

Compared to other insurers, the monthly premium may sound a bit expensive. However, the provider justifies the cost by offering many modern and innovative benefits to the table.

Let’s analyze if the quality is worth the cost with Vitality Health Insurance.

Is Vitality Health Insurance Good?

Overall, Vitality Health Insurance has an excellent reputation across both the customer base and the expert health insurance analysts. We can review what both parties have said about the private medical insurance that has made the
policies so revered.

What Do Customers Say About Vitality Health Insurance?

Vitality Health Insurance has over 21’000 positive reviews on various sites like Trustpilot. The crucial takeaways from the customer reviews are that the customer service was excellent, the modern approach made claims easy, and the
reward schemes were a desirable feature.

The positive feedback has made Vitality Health Insurance one of the most preferred private medical insurance policies on the web. Despite the more expensive premiums, customers enjoy the straightforward, customer-centric mantra behind
the company.

What Do Experts Say About Vitality Health Insurance?

The experts hold the same high regard as the customers in terms of offerings. The awards consistently doled out to Vitality Health Insurance complements them on their complete spectrum of coverage, intuitiveness, accessibility, and
customer service. They’ve noted the Core Cover plan as one of the best in the current health insurance marketplace.

A Summary of Vitality Health Insurance

Let’s summarize the review to give a concise idea about whether Vitality Health Insurance is right for you.

  • VitalityHealth was formed as a combination of different ventures and offered a more modern approach to private medical insurance.

  • The standard plan features complete inpatient care, limited outpatient care, and many add-on options.

  • Standout selling points include accessibility to GPs and its innovative fitness reward scheme.

  • On average, you’ll pay around £41 a month for the Core Cover plan.

  • Both customers and experts consider Vitality Health Insurance one of the best UK markets.

Speak to your broker if you find yourself interested in taking out a private medical insurance policy with Vitality Health Insurance.