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Staysure health insurance review

Staysure is a insurance company based in Northampton and specialises by mainly offering insurance services to people who are over 50. Company was formed 2004 and now it offers a wide range of services including not only a health cover but also travel, car, home, holiday home covers as well as funeral plans and expatriates insurance.

Besides, Staysure also offers a wide range of health insurance services. Staysure’s clients can choose between private medical insurance, over 60s and 70s health cover, international health cover and cash and dental plans.

Private medical insurance

Staysure offers private medical insurance to its clients by working together with such insurance companies as Aviva, Pruhealth or AXA PPP and offers such benefits as access to an early diagnosis, opportunity to choose consultant, access to some drugs and treatment which can be not available for free if the patient undergoes NHS treatment. Moreover, it is possible for people with pre-existing conditions to get Staysure’s health insurance.

Over 60s and over 70s insurance

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Staysure offers health insurance plans for elderly ones from as little as £10 per month. Those who select over 60s or over 70s health insurance can have access to some of the treatment and medications that are not covered by NHS and can avoid waiting line in hospitals as well as opportunity to select where to get treatment.
International health cover

Staysure also offers expatriates health insurance to its clients. There are no age limitations and no price increases related to age after the person is 80 years old. Moreover, the person can choose from different insurance policies providers and gets an accessibility to stay in a chosen hospital from the list provided by Staysure. It can also be mentioned that 24 hour/per day helpline is available to Staysure’s clients.

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