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Childsure is a health insurance company which was established in 2003 and has its headquarters in London.

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Childsure is a health insurance company which was established in 2003 and has its headquarters in London. It mainly specialises in providing child health insurance policies that are underwritten by Aviva.  As Childsure specialises directly to cover the children, its health insurance policies are more comprehensive and suitable compared to other child insurance policies. Most often such policies are added as an additional benefit to a standard individual medical cover for a grown-up person. Thus, they tend to be more similar to health cash plans instead of normal medical cover.


With Childsure health cover policy one can insure from 1 to 5 children who are younger than 18 years. It includes various in- and day-patient, out-patient and some other benefits. In- and day-patient benefits include specialist fees, diagnostic tests, hospital charges as well as chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Out-patient benefits include diagnostic tests, specialist fees, chemotherapy, radiotherapy and out-patient treatment.

This child medical cover also includes coverage for various therapies (speech therapy, physiotherapy, osteopathy, acupuncture and chiropractic treatment) and dental treatment (for dental accidents and routine treatment). Besides, there are also other benefits included in the policy such as parents accommodation, private ambulance, NHS cash, nursing at home and 24 hour helpline.

If person aims to have more protection for his child, Childsure may seem to be a better option as it includes some benefits (f. ex. speech therapy), which are not usually included in health insurance policies. However, it is likely to cost more than other child healthcare cover options. On the other hand, children tend to get sick much more often than grown-ups, which can lead to that having more comprehensive insurance for a child can save more money compared to premiums paid to the insurer.


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However, there are some limitations to the policy provided by Childsure. First of all, chronic and pre-existing conditions will not be covered. Exclusions also include cosmetic treatment, treatment outside the UK, experimental treatment, dialysis, weight-loss surgeries and eyesight correction as well as medical services related to pregnancy and/or childbirth.

Besides, the one who takes Childsure health insurance must remember that any injuries related to professional sports are also not covered. There is also an issue when a child who is covered with this health cover turns 18. In such case, he will not be able to renew his policy as Childsure only provides medical cover for children. It also can be problematic for a parent or guardian who is not a policyholder to arrange the treatment for his child.