Modern Slavery

Modern slavery and human trafficking are serious matters that affect organisations and individuals across the globe. AZ Money takes a stand against these abhorrent practices, prohibiting forced labour and infringement of human rights within the organisation and associates.

Our modern slavery policy and procedures outline our approach and the steps to ensure we conduct business with the highest ethical standards.

AZ Money’s Company Policies on Modern Slavery

AZ Money (the Company) wholly commits to the policy of complete eradication of modern slavery and human trafficking. Our team makes the utmost effort to ensure that in no parts of the business are there any actions, association, or connection with the practices mentioned above.

The entire team at AZ Money must adhere to our policies that safeguard our organisation and associated persons and products against modern slavery and human trafficking. The procedure is a framework that encourages any staff member to speak up against any suspected practices, with swift action taken to identify and report any culprits.

AZ Money believes it is imperative to follow all requirements and guidelines of the UK Modern Slavery Act 2015 (the Act). The Company regularly reviews policies and procedures to ensure we meet all expectations.

Due Diligence for Modern Slavery

The Company operates services in the United Kingdom. However, AZ Money’s colleague’s employment base is in Lithuania. The Company follows all UK legislation regarding modern slavery and human trafficking, ensuring that all employees and associates follow these policies, including the Act.

AZ Money is in regular contact with authorities and governing bodies. It ensures that employees and associates receive payment of at least the UK National Minimum Wage.

Our Efforts in Combatting Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking

AZ Money uses third-party contractors to conduct regular audits of our facilities to ensure adherence to the Act. Furthermore, investigations review all workplace guidelines for modern slavery and human trafficking. The audits consist of reviews of employee practices, including Labour, Health, Safety, Management Systems, and Environment.

Furthermore, the audits revise and offer insight into the best possible practices to combat modern slavery and human trafficking.

Our Network Adherence to Our Modern Slavery and Due Diligence Processes

The Company reassures clients and associates that we have a zero-tolerance policy for any modern slavery or human traffic processes, extending to the partners in our services. AZ Money employs a due diligence team to vet our prospective partners.

We accept them into the organisation’s services based on a points system, evaluating risk, products, compliance with the Act, and dedicated efforts to combatting modern slavery and human trafficking. The Company notes that we regularly conduct internal reviews of our partners to ensure they meet our exceptional commitment to the Act.

Company Training

AZ Money incorporates a meticulous level of training regarding the risks of modern slavery and human trafficking. Upon joining the Company, employees are subject to programs that raise awareness and inform on actions as provisioned by Section 54(1) of the Act.

The Company provides annual reviews to fulfil its obligations to the above statement.