About us

AZ Money has grown into its element as a leading website for insurance and mortgage comparisons, connecting UK residents to FCA regulated brokers that know their products inside and out. Learn more about us, how we started, our work, and our values below.

The Story of AZ Money

Founded in 2011, AZ Money started as an intuitive platform to refine the way we search for financial products. We continued to add tools, resources, and information that navigated the competitive market. The platform grew exponentially and streamlined how we understand offerings such as insurance policies, equity release plans, and more from UK providers.

Our ultimate aim is to equip prospective policy and plan holders with the proper knowledge to make informed decisions on financial products. AZ Money has spent the better part of a decade connecting interested persons to FCA-regulated brokers as a free service, with no obligation to commit to any plans or quotes.

In 2022, AZ Money underwent a rebrand that brought a refreshed and revitalised website and interface, further expanding on service successes. The available tools bring focus and more concise and coherent tools comparing insurance and mortgage services.

How Do We Help?

AZ Money is a hub that connects you to tailor made FCA-regulated brokers of mortgage and insurance products using the information submitted to us. The service is free of charge without any requirement to commit to the quotes provided.

Learn how our website works below, where we kindly note that we may receive commission or fees from providers for the use of our services.

How Does the Website Work?

We strive to be a premium resource and beneficial asset for UK residents searching for the most appropriate insurance policies and mortgages. Prospective users benefit from our service by submitting the necessary information for the product they seek. We return with a series of competitive quotes aligned with your circumstances.

AZ Money operates a more interpersonal platform where our partners contact prospective clients directly to ensure policies meet your needs. The basis of our website functions thus:

  • Once you submit our quote form, our partner FCA authorised insurance, equity release broker will contact you to discuss your quotes and policy options
  • A telephone call is important to ensure the right policy is quoted for that meets your needs and requirements with regards to price and the type of cover
  • Our partner broker will usually call you within the a few minutes of submitting the form, however if it is outside office hours, this could be the morning of the next working day
  • Our partner brokers are independent, this means they have access to all the main insurers ensuring they can offer you a wide choice of prices and plans to meet your requirements

Do you still have queries about AZ Money? Discover the answers to the most frequently asked questions about how our website works below.

Are your insurance and mortgage comparisons trustworthy?

Our insurance, mortgage, and equity release partners are FCA-regulated and certified. AZ Money only connects with the UK’s most reputable brokers, thoroughly vetting each entity to ensure users receive premium quotes and products that benefit.

Is AZ Money a financial advisor?

AZ Money is not a financial advisor and does not offer advice on insurance and mortgage products. However, our partner brokers have the qualifications and excel at finding the best deals to meet requirements.

If there are still any concerns after using our services about quotes on offer, seek advice from an independent financial specialist.

How do you make money if the service is free?

We reiterate that our service is completely free of charge. AZ Money may earn fees or commissions from brokers or providers where we have commercial agreements, such as introductory fees.

Note that quotes do not cost you anything extra due to these fees or commissions.

Do you sell client data?

No, AZ Money does not engage in the sale of user data. Our team goes to extra lengths to protect any personal information we receive. We reassure clients that privacy and security are our utmost priority, and clients do not need to provide us with personal information should you choose.

Have any more questions?

Please contact a member of our support team if you have any further queries.

Our Promise of Success

AZ Money has built our service into a leading resource for prospective insurance policyholders and mortgages. We continue to focus on networking our clients with brokers that provide invaluable information and quotes about their desired products, ultimately resulting in rewarding solutions.

Our mission and values are the foundations for successfully assisting UK residents with significant financial decisions.

Our Mission

AZ Money drives the mission of searching for insurance policies and mortgages tailored to their circumstances, a simple, seamless process. Our extensive FCA-partner base ensures our users hone in on the best possible outcomes, no matter their backgrounds or conditions.

Our Values

What values lay the groundwork for AZ Money’s services? Discover our staples below.

Customer Awareness

We strive to offer a service at AZ Money that considers our customers and understands their needs.

Interpersonal Service

AZ Money believes the best results come from more human interaction with our users. The brokers in our network will always make the utmost effort to understand your needs and circumstances by speaking to you directly.

Dedicated to Success

We aren’t here to offer product options and leave you to choose. Our services provide partners that will narrow down the ideal policy and plan choices, covering all angles of your requirements.

Seamless Experience

We’ve built a platform that makes locating the perfect insurance policy or mortgage a refreshing experience and a straightforward journey. There’s no better platform than AZ Money to find your financial solution.

Why AZ Money is a Premier Financial Resource

The information, tools, and services available on AZ Money follow editorial guidelines that go above and beyond industry standards. We track these principles to ensure we uphold our reputation as a leading resource and preferred asset of insurance and mortgage products.

Any content found on this website follows the principles of:


Never will our content lean towards one opinion. We aim to be impartial and balanced.


The content should be straightforward for our users to understand.


We consistently update our provided information to ensure accuracy.


We break down the jargon and industry terms so all users can understand the information.


We strive for all our content to provide useful and valuable insight for our users.