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ASSSA health insurance review

What is ASSSA?

ASSSA is a health insurance provider that specializes in life insurance products for expatriates living in Spain. The company is based in Spain. However, it also has a special website in English for expatriates of United Kingdom. The company was founded in 1935 and has a wide medical network in Spain. ASSSA has more than 75 years of experience in insurance market and has head office situated in Alicante. ASSSA has offices in Alicante, Murcia, Madrid, Barcelona, Almeria and Albacete. Although the company does not have physical presence in United Kingdom, all insurance products can be bough via Internet. The company hires qualified multilingual staff both at head office and branches. There is one huge drawback that potential customers of this company have to aware about. ASSSA is not authorized in United Kingdom by Financial Services Authority. As a result, customers have no protection under financial services compensation list. At the moment the company offers four different health insurance plans for people: ASSSA Basic, ASSSA Standard, ASSSA Plus and ASSSA Master.


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ASSSA basic cover is designed for the citizens of United Kingdom that are aged from 18 to 74 and are living in Spain. The cover can be purchased by those people that only want medical treatment in Spain. The benefits of ASSSA Basic cover include: family medicine, clinical analysis, diagnosis, radiology, CAT/NMR scans, medical specialties, surgical specialties, rehabilitations locomotive system, childbirth, physiotherapy, international emergency assistance, ambulances, chemotherapy specialist doctor, clinical oncology specialist doctor, ICU surgery, pediatric hospitalization, medical hospitalization up to 7 days, observation room and obstetrics. The cover does not cover annual medical check up, cardiac rehabilitation, post CVA rehabilitation, clinical oncology medicines and hospitalization, ICU medical treatment and psychiatric hospitalization. What is more, people that have this insurance packet cannot take advantage of ASSSA dental and ASSSA Silver Funeral plans. Car Accident Benefit can be added to ASSSA Basic policy at an additional price.

ASSSA Standard

This insurance plan is more comprehensive than ASSSA Basic plan. In additional to all above-mentioned benefits of ASSSA Basic plan ASSSA Standard covers medical hospitalization up to 30 days, ICU medical surgery, psychiatric hospitalization, clinical oncology medicines and hospitalization, chemotherapy medicines and hospitalization and artificial kidney and peritoneal dialysis. The plan does not cover annual medical check ups, cardiac rehabilitation and post CVA rehabilitation. ASSSA Dental, Silver Funeral Plan, Car Accident Cover and Extra Dental cover can be added to the policy at an additional price.


ASSSA Plus plan is even more comprehensive than ASSSA Standard plan. It promises all the benefits of ASSSA Standard plan and some additional services: physiotherapy, medical hospitalization up to 60 days and annual medical check up. The cover does not include cancer check benefit. Just like in the case of ASSSA Standard plan, Silver Funeral Plan, Car Accident Cover and Extra Dental cover can be added to the policy at an additional price.

ASSSA Master

ASSSA Master is the most comprehensive plan. It includes all the above-mentioned benefits. What is more, this plan also covers cancer check up that is not covered by ASSSA Plus plan.

Optional benefits

The first optional benefit is called ASSSA Dental. This benefit includes medical consultations, preventive dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, orthodontics, prosthesis, extractions, fillings, endodontics, periodontics, oral surgery and implantology. Silver Funeral Plan offered by ASSSA helps to handle administrative formalities, offers fixed premiums and national and international repatriation. The company also guarantees that this policy is lifelong. This means that the policy will not be cancelled once the person reaches certain age. ASSSA Car Accident Cover is designed to protect the car of the insured person. This means that if the car gets in the accident, the costs incurred for the repair of the car or the purchase of the new car will be compensated by the insurance company.

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