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Health-on-Line is a young player in the health insurance market.

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Health-on-Line is a young player in the health insurance market. Company offers its clients various types of policies that are backed up by AXA PPP. These covers include such options as health insurance for individuals and businesses. Corporate clients can choose from these types of policies: corporate health, small business health and self-employed health covers. Individuals can select from private medical, student health, cheap health, family health and individual health insurance policies. In other words, even while being a young company Health-Online offers many options to its clients. Company also has a wide network of hospitals as it works with more than 15,000 specialists in all UK.

Private medical insurance

Getting Health-Online private medical insurance is quite simple. First of all, every client starts with essential cover and depending on one's needs additional add-ons can be added to the policy. Essential cover includes these benefits: hospital charges, specialist fees, out-patient surgery, out-patient radiotherapy and chemotherapy. If person decides that such level of cover is not sufficient he can select various additional benefits. These add-ons include: core, enhanced or full out-patient cover, therapies, optician and dentist cashback, mental health, extra care and extra cancer cover. The person can choose how many add-ons he wants.

However, while the person may want more add-ons in order to have a more secure health insurance policy, the cost of it can become too high. In such case, Health-on-Line offers few ways to bring the cost down. The person can add an excess and choose Health-on-Line's six-weeks Safety Net. Excess option means that the person will have to contribute to the cost of treatment up to his chosen excess level. Six weeks Safety Net means that if the person can get treatment in NHS facilities in six-weeks period he will have to get treated there and only if NHS would be unable to begin treatment in six-weeks the person can use private health-care immediately when he gets sick.

Student health

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Health-Online also offers student health insurance for its clients. It is available to both students or parents who take insurance policy on behalf of their children. It gives those who are studying more flexibility to have treatment when it is the most convenient for them. Moreover, there are few possibilities when it is related to undertaking student health insurance. A student can take an insurance policy on its own, however, if at least one of the parents have already underwritten insurance at Health-Online the cheaper option would be for parent to add his child to an existing policy.

Family health

One more option is to have family health insurance. Whether one or both parents have Health-on-Line health insurance their children can be added to the policy. Children tend to get sick much more often than the grown-ups. Thus, by additionally having child health insurance one can save more money than by having only individual insurance.