Exeter Friendly Society health insurance review

Exeter Family Friendly was founded in 1927 and has grown to be one of the key providers of income protection and  private medical (PMI) insurance.

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Exeter Family Friendly was founded in 1927 and has grown to be one of the key providers of income protection and  private medical (PMI) insurance. In 2008 company merged with Pioneer Friendly Society. Moreover, it is not a privately owned company and it has no shareholders. Its status is mutual friendly society and  customers are members of it. Exeter offers three main options to its members: health insurance, income protection and Euro health insurance option.

Health insurance

Exeter offers to its members two types of cover: Health Cover for Me and Health Choices for Me plans. Health Cover for Me option includes these benefits:  in- & day-patient treatment (diagnostic tests, consultations and specialists fees, and hospital charges), out-patient treatment (diagnostic tests such as MRI, CT or Pet scans, out- patient surgery and fees for  consultations & specialists) coverage for various therapies (physiotherapy, osteopathy, chiropractic treatment), private ambulance, home nursing or GP helpline. Moreover, this plan includes comprehensive  cancer cover for all stages of cover when it is related to treating cancer or affecting the growth of it. However, preventative treatment, screening and vaccines which are directed not to treat cancer but relieve its symptoms are not covered.

Health Choices for Me cover starts with Essential plan and also offers some additional modules that can be added. Essential option includes in- and day-patient treatment (diagnostic tests for in and day-patients, pre-admission tests, specialists and consultations fees and hospital charges),  various out-patient scans (CT, MRI and PET), out-patient surgery and post operative treatment and such benefits as home nursing, private ambulance, parental accommodation, GP helpline, NHS cash benefit of £250 per night and hospice donation of £250.

Furthermore, three different modules can be added: out-patient, cancer and manipulative treatment. Out-patient module includes coverage for such diagnostic tests as  ECG, X-rays and  pathological tests as well as cover for out-patient specialists and consultation fees.  Cancer module includes treatment for diagnosed cancer condition (for example, scans or surgery), cover for specialist consultations related to cancer and unlimited cover for oncology. However, one must take notice that no cover will be provided for diagnosed cancer conditions if only Essential and any other modules are selected  without cancer module. Manipulative module includes  coverage for such out-patient therapies as physiotherapy,  osteopathy, podiatry and chiropractic treatment.


However, there are some exclusions and limitations to the policies provided by Exeter. First of all, pre-existing conditions, emergency treatment, out-patient drugs and dressings, illnesses that require long-term treatment, renal dialysis, major organ transplants, mental and psychological treatment, pregnancy & fertility, experimental treatment are not covered. It is always important to make sure to know what is not covered before underwriting health insurance policy as there are many limitations to almost every health insurance policy.

Income protection and Euro health insurance

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These are two options provided by Exeter. Income protection insurance offers long lasting cover that pays benefit if the person becomes unable to work due to an illness or injury. However, the person must UK resident for at least 3 years in order to get Exeter’s income protect and some pre-existing conditions.
Euro health insurance offers cover for these benefits: in- and day-patient (pre-admission tests,  specialist services, hospital charges), out-patient treatment (specialist consultations, minor surgeries, x-rays and other scans, diagnostic tests and complementary) and some other benefits (oncology, home nursing, primary care for surgeries and home visits and private ambulance)