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AA (the Automobile Association) was formed in 1905.

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AA (the Automobile Association) was formed in 1905.Initially, it had only 100 members, however it grew largely over the next decade and by 1914 it had more than 80,000 members. AA issued its first insurance policy in 1907 (with combination with Lloyds). Thus, it operates in insurance market for more than 100 years. Now, various insurance policies are offered to its clients: starting from car or women's car insurance to pet, caravan or telematic car insurance. However, it also offers private health insurance products to AA's clients with the help of AXA PPP healthcare.

AA private medical insurance

AA offers health insurance with a help of AXA PPP healthcare. There are three options available to those, who are interested in AA's offers. These plans are called Assure NCD, Ideal NCD and Premier NCD. Assure NCD plan is a least comprehensive option as it covers partly out-patient treatment (surgical procedures, cancer treatment, radiology, CT, MRI, Pet scans are included). As for in- or day-patient treatment, hospital charges, consultant and specialist fees, cancer treatment (radiology, chemotherapy) and diagnostics tests are covered. Moreover, hospital at home, ambulance transport and NHS radiotherapy and chemotherapy cash benefits are included.

Ideal NCD plan offers all benefits that are included in Assure NCD plus combined limited cover of £1,000 for out-patient psychiatric, CT, MRI, Pet scans, diagnostic tests on specialist's cover, consultations and specialist fees. Premier NCD plan offers normal coverage for these benefits instead of a limited one. In- and day-patient psychiatric treatment is also included in both of these plans. However, when choosing the best option, one must remember that Ideal plan is the cheapest and Premier cover is the most expensive one.


However, as with any other health insurance policy there are limitations when a person is able to claim. These limitations include all dental procedures, routine pregnancy and childbirth, chronic conditions (long-term, ongoing and recurring illnesses). Besides, all charges that occurred not in AXA PPP provided list of the hospitals are also not covered.

One more important limitation is 6 weeks option. Usually, this option is only added to decrease the cost of the insurance policy. However, in this case this limitation is included in AA offered policy. It means that if the person is capable of getting a treatment in NHS facilities within 6 weeks, he will not be covered if he decides to get treated elsewhere.

Health at hand and dedicated nurse

These are two benefits that are available to AA’s health insurance policyholders. Health at hand is a 24 hour/day service, designed to help with providing expert information when a person needs help. Dedicated nurse is designed to provide telephone-based clinical guidance about treatment and conditions for patients with cancer or heart conditions.