Bupa health insurance review

Are you thinking about taking out a private health insurance policy with Bupa? The brand name is undoubtedly well-known throughout the UK and the world.

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Are you thinking about taking out a private health insurance policy with Bupa? The brand name is undoubtedly well-known throughout the UK and the world.

However, you may wonder whether the policies live up to their worldwide reputation? This review will analyze whether Bupa Health Insurance is a good investment for private health coverage.

About Bupa Health Insurance

Bupa is arguably one of Britain’s more well-known private health insurance companies, originally titled the ‘British United Provident Association.’ The insurer started in 1947 when several different organizations
amalgamated to form a private health care entity in the UK.

Today, Bupa boasts an excellent reputation among health insurers, serving over 30 million clients across 190 countries. It’s a global enterprise with a vast network of hospitals and personnel, offering clients a range of private health
insurance policies tailored to their needs.

This review will look at whether the size of the insurance company means it’s also one of the best. We’ll look at the plans on offer and whether they hold up in the competitive insurance market.

Let’s begin with an overview of Bupa’s services.

An Overview of Bupa Health Insurance’s Policies

We compare plans from the leading health insurance providers

Bupa’s size means that it offers a substantial range of health insurance plans, options, and services. However, we’ll look at the insurer’s fundamental policy, the Bupa By You plan, to gauge health insurance’s core features and values.

The Bupa By You plan has two levels of coverage – the comprehensive plan and the ‘treatment and care’ policy. 

The former overs cover in line with its namesake – comprehensive cover insurance. The latter is a more affordable option for prospective policies, generally only covering inpatient care.

Let’s look at the core benefits of the Bupa By You plan to get insight into its quality.

Key Selling Points

  • Get 24/7 remote GP access

The plan offers a portal to get virtual GP consultations within 2 hours of requesting an appointment. It’s one of the fastest services to get a private medical consultation.

  • Access to the latest, cutting-edge cancer drugs and therapies

Get comprehensive cover with therapies and breakthrough cancer drugs not available on the NHS. Clients have peace of mind should cancer arise. They’ll have access to the best industry treatments.

  • Fast-track consultation and treatment

The policy brings a direct connection to advice and treatment for those with mental health, cancer, and musculoskeletal conditions. The fast-track service usually does not require any diagnosis or referral from a GP.

  • Comprehensive mental health coverage

One of Bupa’s most significant selling points is that it spearheads the drive towards more comprehensive mental health coverage. It covers more mental health conditions than any other UK private health insurer.

  • Unlimited support

Get unlimited support 24-hours-a-day by phone with trained nurses. The AnyTime Healthline offers assistance with the more minor health concerns.

What Does Bupa Health Insurance Cover?

Let’s break down what each level of coverage offers prospective policyholders.

Comprehensive Plan

As defined in the title, the comprehensive plan is Bupa’s most high level coverage policy. This level of health insurance includes:

  • Outpatient diagnostics services

  • Inpatient and outpatient treatment

  • NHS cash benefits

  • Home treatments and nursing

  • Private ambulances

  • Access to various 24-hour consultation portals

Note that inpatient and outpatient services may have limits placed on them.

Treatment and Care Plan

The treatment and care plan is a more affordable option that offers private medical care once you’ve had a diagnosis from an NHS physician. The policy generally includes:

  • Private hospital treatments

  • Outpatient therapies

  • Mental health conditions coverage

  • NHS cash benefits

  • Private ambulances

  • Bupa Anytime Healthline

The plan’s flexibility allows policyholders to choose the extent of coverage to make it more affordable. That means that limits and excesses may apply to inpatient, outpatient, and day-patient treatments and tests.

What can prospective clients expect to pay for Bupa private health insurance policies?

How Much Does Bupa Health Insurance Cost?

There will be fluctuations in how much the monthly premiums will cost. The main factors taken into consideration are the age of the prospective policyholder and the level of coverage they desire.

A healthy 30-year-old can expect to pay around £30 per month for the treatment and care plan. A comprehensive plan rounds up at approximately £45 per month.

As aforementioned earlier, these premiums can increase or decrease based on coverage options and applied monthly limits or excesses. Compared to other prominent insurers, this private medical insurance isn’t the most expensive but isn’t
the most affordable, either.

So how does the policy rate against others in the market?

Is Bupa Health Insurance Good?

Bupa attempts to cover every person’s private health insurance needs by breaking their Bupa By You Plan into two levels of coverage. It opens the customer market to their services no matter their budget or private health care concerns.

The larger market share means more reviews we can analyze from both customers and health insurance experts. We’ll break down what each says about Bupa Health Insurance.

What Do Customers Say About Bupa Health Insurance?

Bupa health insurance has seen some praise for the comprehensiveness and accessibility of respective coverage and service. However, one of the core points taken away from client feedback is the poor customer service and challenging
process to make a claim.

Across multiple review sites, Bupa has a poor reputation amongst customers that have used both the comprehensive and treatment and care plans. Many cite that the expense is not worth the return you get for the investment.

What Do Experts Say About Bupa Health Insurance?

Experts have a somewhat different take when analyzing both levels of coverage on the Bupa By You plan. They praise the comprehensive cover as being one of the most well-rounded offerings in the market. However, the treatment and care
plan sees less heralding as an average policy for value.

A Summary of Bupa Health Insurance

So, let’s sum up the highlights of Bupa Health Insurance to facilitate an understanding of whether it’s right for you.

  • Bupa is one of the most prominent health insurers in the UK and beyond

  • Their flagship policy offers two levels of coverage – one comprehensive and the other flexible

  • Key selling points include fast access to consultations and treatments and increased mental health coverage

  • The comprehensive cover offers a complete spectrum of inpatient, outpatient, and day-patient cover

  • The treatment and care policy keeps premiums affordable by providing more limited coverage

  • Respective costs per month for the plans are around £30 and £45

  • Bupa Health Insurance is generally poorly received by customers, but experts praise the extensiveness of coverage

Contact your insurer if you wish to learn more or take out a policy with Bupa.