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Aria is a health assistance company which has 40 years of experience in providing various health assistance services within UK and Ireland.

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Aria is a health assistance company which has 40 years of experience in providing various health assistance services within UK and Ireland. Company was formerly part of Europ Assistance group but now Aria operates as a separate entity.
Aria offers to its clients variety of assistance or insurance services: one can choose from travel, motor, home and family, commercial property, as well as myconcierge (living assistance for elderly people), innovation services (helps to design and deliver new products) and use a help of Aria’s assistance centre. As for health insurance needs, Aria’s clients can select international coverage called International PMI. Aria does not have a huge amount of experience in health insurance market (compared to other healthcare insurance providers), however, as it specialises in only one health insurance segment (international coverage) Aria can offer competetive insurance products in this particular segment.

International PMI

Main healthcare product that is offered by Aria to its clients is called International PMI plan. It is simply international health insurance for those who want more safety when they are abroad. The healthcare assistance network which is available to Aria's clients consists of three parts: medical assistance network,  customer assistance centers and international health insurance solutions operational presence.

Medical assistance network consists of a team of more than 30 in-house clinicians, about thousand medical facilities in approximately 120 countries and about 25,000 medical providers worldwide. Customer assistance centers can be found all around the globe including such cities as Abu Dhabi, Kuwait, Riyadh or Richmond while Aria International health solutions operational presence is located in Ireland, Japan, Singapore, Thailand, UAE, UK and USA.

International PMI benefits

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By choosing Aria International PMI coverage, company’s clients get an access to various benefits, for example: single contact number for such things as policy queries, assistance or claims; access to Aria’s network of medical facilities; assistance when the person has to make a decision which medical facility or professional to choose in order to get necessary treatment.

Besides, Aria’s clients can use 24 hour telephone multilingual call centre, which can help to validate policy, arrange direct medical settlement facilities (with the medical provider that client has chosen). Two more benefits provided by Aria are step by step management (when it is related to serious illnesses and in-patient admissions) and emergency transportation.

Aria also allows and offers multi-currency trading and multiple claim reimbursement methods are also available (reimbursement to credit or debit cards is also included).