Freedom health insurance review

Are you considering taking out private health insurance with Freedom Health Insurance? Discover what you need to know and an analysis of the insurer in this comprehensive review.

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Are you considering taking out private health insurance with Freedom Health Insurance? Discover what you need to know and an analysis of the insurer in this comprehensive review.

About Freedom Health Insurance

Freedom Health Insurance is a company formed in 2003 in Poole, Dorset. Over its nearly two decades of operation, the company has won awards for ‘Best Customer Service’ at the Health Insurance Awards.

The company offers private medical insurance for individuals and businesses. It serves under four principles stemming from its core values as a family-run business. Those are care, professionalism, honesty, and ambition.

Freedom Health aims to be a team that’s compassionate about customer needs, reflected in their health insurance plans. The insurer strives to fulfill its mission statement by offering first-class customer service, paired with
competitive rates for premiums in the UK and abroad.

So how does Freedom Health Insurance stack up in the private medical insurance market?

An Overview of Freedom Health Insurance’s Policies

We compare plans from the leading health insurance providers

Freedom Health Insurance’s most popular policy is the ‘Freedom Elite’ plan. It’s a comprehensive health insurance policy that pays private medical specialists and facilities directly for your coverage.

The insurer also offers another ‘Your Choice’ plan that provides lump-sum cash payments so that policyholders can pay for their private medical care.

This review will look at the ‘Freedom Elite’ plan, considering Freedom Health Insurance’s most prominent policy. The insurance covers all eligible inpatient and day-patient treatments, whereas outpatient cover comes with an additional

We begin reviewing the critical selling points of private health insurance.

Key Selling Points

  • Access to advanced cancer drugs and therapies

The policy provides comprehensive cancer cover for the most cutting-edge drugs and therapies should you contract cancer after taking out the plan. These medicines would not usually be available on the NHS and are beneficial to treatment
and recovery.

  • 24/7 virtual GP availability

Freedom Elite allows policyholders to access a virtual GP for consultations at any time of the day, during any point of the year. There’s an app or dedicated hotline to schedule an appointment and get your health concerns attended to

  • Fixed premiums

The fixed premiums option proves popular with policyholders. Adding this to your plan means that the cost of your premium won’t go up in the second year, even if you’ve made a claim the previous year.

  • Free cover for young children

Should you add your first child to your policy, the next ones can include in your insurance plan free of charge.

What Does Freedom Health Insurance Cover?

We’ll look at what the Freedom Elite plan covers to highlight why most clients choose this policy. Coverage for this health insurance includes:

  • Complete inpatient and day-patient cover – The policy will cover the full spectrum of inpatient and day-patient treatments.

  • Comprehensive cancer cover – All cancer treatments, tests, surgeries, and treatments receive comprehensive coverage.

The policy does not automatically include the below but can get added as an option for an increased premium:

  • Outpatient cover – Outpatient appointments get covered.

  • Alternative therapies – Treatments such as osteopathy, chiropractic services, acupuncture, homeopathy, and podiatry receive coverage in the plan.

  • Dental and optical – Routine dental costs and optical assets such as prescription glasses get covered.

  • Private GP appointments – Should you wish to use a private GP for medical consultations, the plan will cover the cost of the appointment.

  • Mental health cover – Mental health conditions such as depression receive coverage for their therapies and treatment.

So how much can prospective policyholders expect to pay for the Freedom Elite plan?

How Much Does Freedom Health Insurance Cost?

Freedom Health Insurance incorporates its mantra of customer dedication and care into its plan pricing. Clients will discover that the Freedom Elite plan, on average, has a monthly premium of around £35.18 a month.

That’s a highly competitive rate compared to most other insurers in the UK market. Please remember that these premiums are subject to change considering your added options and other varying factors – such as the number of people on the

After reviewing what Freedom Health Insurance offers, are the policies worth investigating further?

Is Freedom Health Insurance Good?

The prices for plans, the comprehensiveness of coverage, and the dedicated service serve Freedom Health Insurance well as a competitive entity in the health insurance market. However, do those positives mean that the plans work well?

We’ll break down the analysis into what customers of Freedom Health Insurance say about the plan and the insurance experts who regularly make comparisons.

What Do Customers Say About Freedom Health Insurance?

Freedom is a smaller, family-run health insurance business. That means that there aren’t as many customer reviews to analyze what clients think about the service thoroughly. However, there are some key points to take away from customer

Clients on the Freedom Health Insurance plan praise its holistic and more wholesome customer service and its straightforward, easy-to-use online portals. But the insurer only holds an average rating, with some pointing out the
efficiency of service when making claims and payments.

What Do Experts Say About Freedom Health Insurance?

The experts’ consensus is that Freedom Health Insurance is an excellent alternative to the ‘big four’ of health insurance. The Freedom Elite plan found high regard amongst analysts as a decent comprehensive plan considering the lower
price point.

A Summary of Freedom Health Insurance

So let’s revisit all the information provided in this review of Freedom Health Insurance, so you can determine whether it’s right for you.

  • Freedom Health Insurance is a family-run health insurance provider running for nearly two decades.

  • The ‘Freedom Elite’ plan is the most popular, offering flexible, comprehensive coverage at competitive rates.

  • Flexible cover options and customer-centric services make up the benefits of Freedom Health Insurance.

  • The average price for monthly premiums is £35.18 per month.

  • Customers praise the excellent client support but question service efficiency.

  • Experts hail the Freedom Health Insurance as a good, cost-effective alternative to other more prominent personal health insurance plans.

Should you find interest in taking out a Freedom Health Insurance policy, speak to your broker.