Medicash health insurance review

Medicash is a health insurance company founded in 1871 which has headquarters in Liverpool.

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Medicash is a health insurance company founded in 1871 which has headquarters in Liverpool. Company operates and provides services in UK and has also been known for its charitable giving (more than £70 million since its founding). Medicash mostly offers health cash plans to its clients, which covers maybe smaller amount of healthcare costs but, on the other hand, is more flexible and with less limitations.

Company provides 3 options: personal, corporate, intermediaries. Corporate plan is related to business clients, while intermediaries plan to the brokers that are willing to sell Medicash health insurance. The most relevant one to individual clients are personal health plan. Furthermore, no medical is asked prior getting Medicash health insurance.

Medicash personal health plan

Personal health plan offers cover in 7 main areas: dental care, best doctors interconsultation, specialist consultations and diagnostic tests, optical care, complementary and alternative therapies, hospital benefits and personal accident cover. Besides, there are 4 level of cover available and solo (one person is covered) or dual (two people are covered with the same health insurance policy) insurance can be chosen. Level 1 cover costs £6.50 a month per person, while level 4 costs £36 a month per person (for both solo and dual plans).

Dental and optical care includes routine dental (dental treatments and check-ups, hygienist fees, etc.) and dental accidents or injuries, while optical cover includes, for example, eye tests, contact lenses or laser eye surgery. Depending on a level of cover, benefits can be from £50 per year (Level1) to £230 per year (Level4). With complementary therapies benefits the person can get a cover for physiotherapy, acupuncture or osteopathy (benefits vary from £150 to £500), while alternative therapies benefit covers such medical areas as allergy testing, homeopathy or reflexology (from £50 to £150). Consultations and diagnostics tests covers initial consultation fee, diagnostic and investigative tests as well as procedures under the management of GP (from £100 to £500 a year). Personal accident cover provides insurance in case of an accident up to £10,000 (Level1) to £36,000 (Level 4).

Medicash dual plan

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Dual option differs from solo that it covers two people with the same insurance policy instead of only one. Premiums are also two time higher as policy covers more people. However, the cheapest Medicash dual cover starts with £13 a month, while the most expensive one costs £72 a month. Size of the benefits remains the same with the only exception of birth/adoption benefit, which becomes two times higher compared to when solo cover is taken.

Important things to know

Medicash plans are designed for people between 16 and 65 years. By having solo plan the person gets cover not only for himself but also for his dependent child. Moreover, it is important to know that personal accident benefit ceases to be part of the benefits offered once the person turns 66 years old. All other benefits will still be provided after the person celebrates his 66th birthday.

Besides, there are some limitations to the cover. First of all, the person will not get hospital benefit for any pre-existing condition until three years of the policy has passed. Besides, if the person will decide to have a baby or adopt a child, he will not be able to claim for adoption/childbirth benefit for 12 months after the start of the policy. One more exclusion is that claim is not satisfied if the treatment is needed because of participation in dangerous activities, sports or if the person himself inflicted injury intentionally.