What’s the Best Private Hospital London?

Suppose you have private health insurance in London.

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Suppose you have private health insurance in London. In that case, you’ll likely have a list of private hospitals included in your health insurance policy. Should you have eligibility for personal care for any condition that arises, patients will want to find the facility that provides the best, dedicated treatment.

This guide outlines the best private hospitals in London to help you decide. But first, let’s define what makes an excellent private medical facility.

What Makes the Best Private Healthcare Provider?

Our selections for the best private hospitals in London derive from a few factors. These are crucial to differentiating between good private medical facilities and the greatest ones.

Patient-Focused Care

The primary factor of what makes a tremendous private hospital is focusing on patient care. The advantage of private medical facilities is that they usually aren’t as occupied as public ones to take patient comfort into high regard.

The best private hospitals will make patient comfort a priority. Patients should see a seamless, dedicated level of care from admission to discharge that makes their experience excellent.

Access to Specialists

Leading hospitals will have specialists in various medical fields with high accreditation in their profession. They will have advanced knowledge about their areas of interest, offering patients profound insight and treatment techniques not commonly seen on the NHS.

Private hospitals will be a hub for these globally regarded specialists and is a core factor in making these facilities ‘the best.’ They will treat patients with the utmost care, be receptive to their needs, and bring confidence to solve their condition.

Advanced Technology

Many hospitals in the NHS or public healthcare sector will have good equipment. However, they won’t have access to the very best available, considering the enormous expense of some of the leading-edge machinery.

Private hospitals generally have access to state-of-the-art technology and the latest advancements in medical machinery. The best facilities will have consistently upgraded equipment to treat patients in ways not available on the NHS.

Coordinated Communication

The best private hospitals tend to offer an entirely stress-free experience with every visit. Patients need not concern themselves with administrative errors, broken communication, and misdiagnoses.

Facilities with global accreditation are some of the most well-coordinated communication. Doctors, nurses, technicians, and administrators will all use leading technologies to ensure everyone is on the same page about patient cases.


Finally, the facility’s location plays a significant role in how it’s ‘the best.’ Some facilities may have care that exceeds standards. However, if it’s not accessible, it won’t generally include private medical insurance lists, making it more irrelevant.

Central, well-connected locations serve as the basis for accessibility. The best private hospitals will be where the general public can get to without much hassle or fuss.

Explore 15 of the Best Private Hospitals in London

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Many excellent private hospitals across Greater London go above and beyond industry standards to curate the finest medical care for patients. However, some facilities in London have accreditation as some of the best private hospitals in London.

These follow all the considerations of what makes the best private hospital. They often find their way into the scope of access for private medical insurance for those living in London.

Discover 15 of the best private hospitals in London that have an outstanding reputation not only regionwide but globally.

1. Weymouth Street Hospital

Weymouth Street Hospital has consistently ranked as London’s best private hospital amongst various categories. The clean, comfortable, and modern surroundings only enhance the fact that the facility offers a wide range of specialists, often considered the top in the country.

You’ll find experts in neuroscience, pain management, nursing care, and many more. Not to mention, Weymouth Street Hospital finds preference by many for plastic and cosmetic procedures. Stays in this hospital for your private medical care would be nothing short of excellent.

Address: 42-26 Great Weymouth Street, London W1G 6NP

Phone Number: +44 20 7935 1200

2. The Portland Hospital

The Portland Hospital is one of the most accessible private medical facilities, sitting within central London. The center harbors experts in children and women’s health, including maternity care, neonatal medicine, and fertility.

The Portland Hospital has been the location for over ten royal births, emphasizing its significance in the medical field. It’s well-regarded in the private care industry for its range of medical services, family friendliness, and cutting-edge equipment.

Address: 205-209 Great Portland St, London W1W 5AH

Phone Number: +44 20 3993 3972

3. The Queen Square Private Hospital

Not only is the Queen Square Private Hospital one of the leading neuroscience centers in the UK, but it’s also one of the top facilities in the world. Patients who have any brain or nervous system conditions won’t find a more dedicated, comprehensive hospital for treatment.

Some of the world’s leading neurosurgeons and consultants offer diagnosis, treatments, and care for many conditions. The Queen Square Private Hospital has international accreditation with having personnel spearheading advancements in their respective fields.

Address: Queen Square, London WC1N 3BG

Phone Number: +44 20 3456 7890

4. Bupa Cromwell Hospital

The Bupa Cromwell Hospital has seen awards for having the best practice standards by the National Institute for Health and Care. That accreditation would speak volumes of the level of medical care you would receive in this private facility.

Bupa Cromwell Hospital specializes in cancer treatments, being one of the most advanced radiotherapy centers in Europe. It’s also well known for its comprehensive outpatient diagnostics, sports treatments, and post-COVID-19 care.

Address: 164-178 Cromwell Rd, London SW5 0TU

Phone Number: +44 20 7460 5700

5. King Edward VII’s Hospital

The Queen and Prince Philip are among the historic clientele of King Edward VII’s Hospital. Again, that resonates with the quality of this private medical center. The hospital specializes in an array of orthopedics and chronic pain. However, it offers a more extensive range of top-standard care services.

King Edward VII’s Hospital first gained reverence in the early 20th century treating wounded soldiers returning from the frontlines. That military tradition still holds strong today, where the facility maintains robust relationships with the Armed Forces charities.

Address: 5-10 Beaumont St, London W1G 6AA

Phone Number: +44 20 7467 4344

6. Great Ormond Street Hospital

Great Ormond Street Hospital today is world-famous for its specialization in children’s medical care. The center offers excellent care, from audiological medicine to urology. Furthermore, it’s a facility that breaks ground in treating some of the rarest conditions discovered.

A small fact about Great Ormond Street Hospital has made the facility even more cherished. Some London Black Cab Drivers will not take fares for any children seeking treatment or consultation. That small gesture highlights the dedication of service.

Address: Great Ormond Street, London WC1N 3JH

Phone Number: +44 20 7405 9200

7. Harley Street Clinic

Harley Street Clinic gets an excellent reputation for its advanced, leading-edge offerings in the field of medicine. It’s a private medical center that leverages state-of-the-art technologies for scans, risk detection, diagnostics, and treatments.

Many cancer patients use Harley Street Clinic for treatments, given that it is one of the only facilities in the UK to offer clinical trials for anti-cancer drugs. Cardiology and complex surgeries are also a specialty base in the medical center.

Address: 35 Weymouth St, London W1G 8BJ

Phone Number: +44 20 3131 7479

8. The Wellington Hospital

The Wellington Hospital is well-known for addressing all prominent fields of medicine. These include cancer, neurology, orthopedics, and spinal care. This North London medical center is one of the most extensive independent facilities in the UK, with 233-dedicated beds.

The Wellington Hospital has treated many celebrities and public figures, including European Royals and music and film. The refined facilities and progressive nature of care bring many to seek consultations and treatments from the center.

Address: Wellington Hospital South Bldg, The, 8A Wellington Pl, London NW8 9LE

Phone Number: +44 20 3733 5344

9. Royal Brompton Hospital

Royal Brompton Hospital is not strictly a private care facility as it falls under the wing of the NHS. However, private inpatient and outpatient care for its globally revered heart and lung treatments. It’s considered one of the leading hospitals in Europe for these specializations.

Any private stays in the Royal Brompton Hospital see profits recycled into the NHS. That notion is an attractive prospect for those who want the comfort of private treatment but also support the public healthcare system.

Address: Sydney St, London SW3 6NP

Phone Number: +44 20 7352 8121

10. The Lister Hospital

The Lister Hospital finds accreditation as one of the most influential private medical centers in IVF treatments. However, the facility offers general and specialist care, including women’s health and orthopedics.

The world-class facilities include a critical care unit amongst cancer, cardiology, and fertility specialists. The state-of-the-art equipment and ongoing investment into advanced medical procedures make this private hospital popular among those with private medical insurance.

Address: Chelsea Bridge Rd, London SW1W 8RH

Phone Number: +44 20 3993 7566

11. The Princess Grace Hospital

The Princess Grace Hospital built its reputation on providing excellent and effective treatments to athletes and those in the sports industry. It’s also well known for its dedication to robotics, procuring some of the most advanced, robot-driven surgeries that address complex procedures.

The center is private but partners with the NHS in sports medicine research. Elite sports professionals and those carrying sports-related injuries often get referred to The Princess Grace Hospital.

Address: 42-52 Nottingham Pl, London W1U 5NY

Phone Number: +44 20 3131 2549

12. London Welbeck Hospital

London Welbeck Hospital began as a facility specializing in maternity care. Today, it’s a leading center for cosmetic and plastic surgeries in the UK. It has a reputation for excellence in rhinoplasty, breast augmentations, and liposuction.

The private care center also offers a variety of non-surgical procedures. Some nutritional experts specialize in weight loss plans for patients.

Address: 27 Welbeck St, London W1G 8EN

Phone Number: +44 20 7224 2242

13. Priory Hospital London

The Priory Hospital is a care center specializing in mental health. The outstanding facilities include experts in all prominent mental health conditions, ranging from mild to severe psychiatric illnesses. Depression, anxiety, and obsessive-compulsive disorders are just some of the needs addressed.

The facilities are also known for their adaptiveness in mental health treating technology-based addictions. These include online shopping, social media, and agoraphobia.

Address: Grovelands House, The Bourne, London N14 6RA

Phone Number: +44 20 8882 8191

14. London Bridge Hospital

The scenic London Bridge Hospital is a center spearheading advancements on a wide variety of adult acute conditions. The cutting-edge treatments feature specialist techniques that aren’t well-circulated within public care, which visits here an attractive prospect to help with their ailments.

London Bridge Hospital offers a broad spectrum of medical care services but focuses on specific areas. These include cardiology, gastroenterology, renal services, and thyroid treatments.

Address: 27 Tooley St, London SE1 2PR

Phone Number: +44 20 3553 9022

15. St. Anthony’s Hospital

St. Anthony’s Hospital is a private medical care center known for its easier accessibility than most private hospitals. Patients will have speedy access to private GPs for diagnosis, treatments, and care. The center does have fields of specialization, including allergies, physiotherapy, and optical care, though it does offer general services.

Since becoming a private center, St. Anthony’s has invested in state-of-the-art medical equipment and curating state-of-the-art operating theaters. The hospital can address both routine and complex surgeries in these facilities.

Address: 801 London Rd, Cheam, Worcester Park, Sutton SM3 9DW

Phone Number: +44 20 8337 6691


There are many excellent private care options in London. However, with the list above, you will undoubtedly receive the best care the city and perhaps the world has to offer, should you have private medical insurance.

Do you need more information about the private hospitals listed? They are considered the best in London for a reason. A wealth of information about their facilities, specialists, and services is available for public perusal. Patients can usually find the information on the hospital’s website or call to discuss interests through an administrator.

Contact your broker or insurer about them if you wish to discuss these hospitals concerning your private medical insurance.