6 Reasons to Have Couples Health Insurance

The Pandemic has provided an opportunity for individuals to reflect upon their own health and consider the choices that exist around private health insurance policies.

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The Pandemic has provided an opportunity for individuals to reflect upon their own health and consider the choices that exist around private health insurance policies. Interest in couples health insurance has greatly increased over the last two years as individuals have realised the benefits of having a joint health insurance policy that will cover both individuals’ medical care and provide more choice when it comes to medical attention and treatment.

How Joint Private Health Insurance Works

Joint private health insurance means that a couple is covered by the same health insurance through a joint policy that will allow the couple to access private medical treatment within the UK. This allows couples to be seen quicker than they would be by the NHS at the time when they need medical attention and to even access specialised treatment that is not available outside private healthcare.

Couples’ health insurance does not state both individuals to be married but couples are required to be living together which means that cohabiting couples can take advantage of the health insurance policy. Couples that are not officially living together, however, may be entitled to take out a family health insurance policy.

While couples will not be required to take part in an official medical check or exam, a range of healthcare-based questions will be asked to both you and your partner on the topic of any pre-existing health condition, health problems, current lifestyle, and a discussion around individual medical history. These questions will allow your independent broker who is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority to establish which health insurance policy will provide the best coverage to you as an individual couple.

Joint Private Medical Insurance Can be Cheaper

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So, is couples’ health insurance cheaper? This certainly can sometimes be the case particularly as some insurance providers have recently offered financial incentives to take out a joint health insurance policy. However, your broker will assist you to research and compare joint health insurance quotes that are available to ensure that you will find a reasonable comprehensive policy.

Like other health insurance policies, there is the option to choose from three main levels of coverage. Coverage starts from a basic cover which can include the cost of medicine, hospitalisation, inpatient care, and even the care of cancer patients. A medium cover will add on top of the basic cover the cost of inpatient treatment whereas a comprehensive cover package includes all of the above plus mental health and physiotherapy conditions.

Less Paperwork

A joint health insurance policy means that as well as potentially helping you to save money by not having to pay for separate policies you will also benefit from saving time on the administration that occurs around the time of renewing health insurance each year. Having a couple’s health insurance policy also makes the transition easier if you decide to move to a family health insurance policy in the future.

Multiple Medical Conditions Are Covered

Joint couple’s health insurance covers a wide range of medical conditions and will include inpatient treatment if either of the couple is required to spend an overnight in a private hospital. Most joint health insurance policies will also cover the cost of day-patient treatment which involves remaining in a hospital bed for a day such as for observation after minor surgery. Outpatient treatment is also usually paid through joint health insurance, this is when treatment is needed but does not require the use of a hospital bed.

However, chronic conditions and pre-existing conditions will not be covered such as diabetes and asthma as these illnesses cannot be cured and so these conditions will be excluded from your insurance.

Joint Health Insurance Avoids Long NHS Waiting Lists

Instead of navigating a long NHS waiting list, especially in the current health climate, private healthcare offers the opportunity for joint policy couples to receive medical attention promptly in a private hospital when needed. This medical route, therefore, bypasses the NHS GP national healthcare system and provides couples with the peace of mind that they have a faster alternative to the NHS and a guaranteed hospital bed if they require inpatient treatment.

More Control Over Where and Who You Get Treated By

A further advantage of couples having a joint health insurance cover is that there is more flexibility and a greater degree of control in deciding where you and your partner get treated. Private healthcare provides individuals with first-class service by providing access to specialist consultants and medical treatments which are often not available through the NHS. Having access, therefore, to these up-to-date medications and one-to-one medical attention will allow couples to feel more in control of their health and receive treatment more promptly.

Access to Healthcare Advice At Any Time

Couples healthcare insurance is not just solely for when there is a healthcare emergency, but rather advice can be sought at any time from a healthcare professional if you have a query or minor ailment that you would like reassurance on. Rather than waiting in long queues on the phone that you would face if phoning NHS 24/7, you will receive a prompt service from a trained professional such as a nurse or doctor that will provide a tailored response in relation to your specific ailment. Examples of ailments that you may wish to seek medical advice on include, but are not limited to vomiting, rashes, coughs and headaches, muscle pain, or advice on vaccinations.

Regardless of the time or day in the year, private health lines are open day and night with a team of specialised healthcare professionals that will offer a full telephone consultation. With no time constraints, this will allow you to go into depth about the health issue that you would like advice on. Based on the ailment you have and if the nurse or GP thinks it is required, you will be referred to further treatment with the peace of mind that you have been fully checked over.