What You Need to Know About Private Health Insurance Pregnancy

Does private health insurance exist for pregnancies? You may wonder whether your policy covers any conditions or medical care during the time you’re pregnant.

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Does private health insurance exist for pregnancies? You may wonder whether your policy covers any conditions or medical care during the time you’re pregnant. Or perhaps you want to take out insurance for the time that you’re pregnant.

This guide will provide information on private pregnancy health insurance policies.

Does Private Health Insurance Cover Pregnancies?

Pregnancies in private health insurance policies can be a bit of a complicated topic. That’s because, generally, insurers will not cover routine pregnancies even with the most comprehensive policies.

However, there are some circumstances that insurers will cover during your pregnancy. Specific policies will cover emergencies and complications but not private care for the child’s birth.

Suppose you wish for a private hospital for childbirth or any common condition during pregnancy. In that case, a policyholder will have to pay for the costs themselves. That leads many to ask why insurers won’t cover pregnancy even if
you are in the top coverage bracket.

Why Don’t Health Insurers Cover Normal Pregnancies?

Private medical insurance doesn’t cover pregnancies because it’s considered a ‘lifestyle choice.’ Though there are unplanned pregnancies, most are not in the United Kingdom.

Health insurance exists to cover any acute onset conditions like injury or illness after signing with the policy. Pregnancies do not fall into that category as it’s considered a personal decision.

Many would be interested in personal health care for their pregnancy, in any case. Is there still a possibility of getting medical attention or even giving birth in a private facility?

Can I Get Private Health Care for a Routine Pregnancy?

Of course, there is plenty of demand for private care for pregnancies and childbirth. However, you must be willing to pay for the costs yourself, as health insurance will not cover any routine treatments or births.

The costs of private care for pregnancies estimate to be around £25’000 in the United Kingdom. But prices can vary depending on the facility.

So we’ve mentioned that some emergencies and complications during pregnancy will get covered by private health insurance. What exactly would pregnancy insurance, or maternity insurance, entail?

What Gets Covered by Maternity Insurance?

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Many insurers will cover any complications and emergencies caused by your pregnancy. They fall under the category of acute conditions and may subsequently find coverage in your policy.

So what constitutes an emergency or complication during a pregnancy?

Complications and Emergencies

Here is a list of what generally gets covered by private medical insurance should there be a pregnancy complication or emergency.

  • Cesarean sections (only exceptional clinical circumstances)

  • Eclampsia

  • Ectopic pregnancy

  • Miscarriages

  • Stillbirth

  • Gestational diabetes

  • Retained placenta

  • Hydatidiform mole

Be sure to check with your insurer about what complications and emergencies during pregnancies get covered, as not every policy is the same. Some provers may even offer a small ‘baby bonus’ amounting to
around £100 if you get pregnant after taking out an approach.

So is there anything not covered by maternity insurance apart from the routine pregnancy?

What’s Not Covered by Maternity Insurance?

Childbirth and non-complicated care will not get covered by any maternity insurance policies. Some may feel any illness or conditions related to pregnancies may get protected. However, many are not as they are considered standard.

Conditions not covered by maternity insurance include:

  • Morning sickness

  • Routine checkups

  • Antenatal care

  • Aches

  • Pains

If you have any concerns about these conditions, you can see the NHS or a midwife for assistance. However, care for these ailments will not get covered by maternity insurance.

It’s important to remember that fertility treatments like IVF don’t get covered by most insurers either if you are trying to get pregnant. This procedure is something that you will have to pay for yourself.

If you have any queries or concerns about what is or doesn’t get covered by your pregnancy health insurance – speak to your insurer.

Should you be interested in taking out a policy with maternity insurance, this may protect against complications or emergencies for a future pregnancy. But you may wonder if you could take out insurance if you’re already pregnant.

Can I Get Maternity Insurance While I’m Pregnant?

The short answer is yes, but taking out pregnancy insurance. At the same time, being pregnant may make you ineligible for coverage for specific conditions. The recommended course is to take out a policy that includes
pregnancies before you try to get pregnant or immediately upon confirming you are carrying a child.

Your insurer or broker can walk you through the best course of action should you already be pregnant, as providers have different guidelines on policies if the client is expecting.

How Much Does Pregnancy Insurance Cost?

It’s tricky to find an average for pregnancy insurance mainly because various factors affect the premiums. However, you can get an idea of the expense by considering the variables.

Those include:

  • Level of coverage – Sometimes, pregnancy emergencies and complications will get included in your policy. Other times, you’ll have to include maternity insurance as an add-on. This additional coverage can
    affect the cost of premiums that you already might pay.

  • Limits on your treatments – Some insurance policies have a limit on how much inpatient or outpatient treatment policyholders can get regardless of their condition. Suppose you include pregnancies on your
    policy and have lower excesses. In that case, you might want to pay a higher premium to ensure you get any emergency or complication covered.

Remember, cost shouldn’t be the ultimate factor when taking out a private health insurance policy that includes pregnancies. The best policies are the cheapest ones that cover the full spectrum of your needs.

A Summary of Pregnancy Health Insurance

So now we have all the information about pregnancy health insurance. Let’s summarize everything you need to know.

  • Most insurers will not cover routine pregnancies because it’s a lifestyle choice.

  • Emergencies and complications during pregnancy and childbirth may get coverage.

  • You can still get regular private pregnancy care if you wish to pay the costs yourself.

  • Conditions like eclampsia and miscarriages generally get covered by health insurance.

  • Ailments like morning sickness and routine checkups don’t receive cover.

  • You can get maternity insurance while pregnant, but the recommendation is to take out a policy before.

  • Costs of pregnancy health insurance can vary by insurer.

If you have any more questions or need more information about pregnancy health insurance, discuss your queries with your insurer or broker.