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In the UK, children’s health insurance is becoming increasingly popular.

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In the UK, children’s health insurance is becoming increasingly popular. But what is children’s health cover exactly? It is private healthcare for children under the age of 18, it provides cover for all sorts of ailments and medical treatments as well as mental health support. It can be implemented as early as the child’s birth and is often recommended to do so as it is usually completely free for at least three months which helps you save money. This is a good option to consider as it is not uncommon for a birthing plan to deviate from the original, sometimes children can be born with congenital health problems or may require urgent medical care, having a reliable health insurance plan can alleviate those concerns and the costs you may incur.

What does children’s health insurance cover?

Insurance providers usually include treatments and diagnostic tests that aren’t readily available on the NHS this means your child will have access to best treatment offered by the healthcare system. It also means your child will be able to have their medical check-up much sooner than those who only have access to NHS treatment as there is a longer wait list. This helps prevent your child’s health from deteriorating from lengthy queues, especially when it’s an urgent issue. Private medical treatment will additionally cover any dental care your child may require, it’s not uncommon for kids to need braces or for their many cavities to be filled in, with the help of excellent insurance providers these issues will be covered. Searching for an NHS dental office that is also time flexible and in a convenient location can be very difficult, however with a child’s health insurance policy you’ll have access to more choices that are suitable for you.

Most insurers won’t be able to cover pre-existing conditions, for instance if your child suffers from asthma, it will be difficult to find an insurance company that will pay out if a pre-existing condition flairs up. It’s very important to make sure you opt for the right health insurance policy, taking the time to read the small print and going over important details will help avoid any of these issues. 

Why should you opt for children’s private health insurance policies?

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In an NHS hospital you’ll more than likely have to share with other patients, which can be particularly embarrassing for a child or teenager. Opting for private healthcare allows your child to have a private room, so your child feels comfortable receiving the medical treatments they require. Furthermore, private hospitals give you the option of a more flexible appointment, so you won’t have to stick to typical hospital or GP hours, instead you’ll have a much longer session with your doctor so you can explore all treatment opportunities. 

Sometimes when we leave the hospital new questions can pop up into our head or worries that can keep us up at night, with private medical insurance these concerns can be eased with the option of a trustworthy team that are available 24/7. They’ll be able to work alongside you to help you understand your child’s medical history and what the child’s treatment may involve. You’ll even have the option of reaching out by email where you’ll receive written information in response. Or you can call for an in-depth conversation, it’ll feel like having your own personal doctor. 

Child Health insurance is very important and can save you thousands of pounds in the long run if your child has to undergo emergency surgery or suddenly requires important medical intervention. An insurance plan will provide you with fast, reliable healthcare as well as the attention and care your child deserves. 

Can you get private health insurance for a child?

You can certainly get child health insurance cover in the UK, there are a few methods you can take. Some families may opt for adding all their children onto a single-family health insurance plan, this is an excellent way to keep prices down as it is much cheaper than buying separate plans for each child.

There are a few versions of health insurance for children, this includes basic coverage which will typically only cover treatment and hospital admittance. Then there is medium cover which incorporates what basic cover offers as well as outpatient treatment. Finally, there is the comprehensive policy which covers everything above, alongside mental health support and physiotherapy.

It’s important to note that UK health insurance companies will have exclusions, for example they may not cover the following categories: kidney dialysis, organ transplants, or elective and cosmetic procedures. So, it is imperative you choose the best insurance policy for your child’s needs, as they may be in need of such care.

How much does child health insurance cost?

People often have this idea that a health insurance policy costs a lot of money, however there are lots of methods you can apply to lower the costs of your child’s private health insurance. An important factor to consider is your child’s age. By acquiring cover for your child at a younger age you’ll be able to save quite a bit of money. On top of that location is a major component, if you live in a major city like London or the North West of England medical insurance can cost more, on the other hand if you live in a quieter relaxed location, your health insurance quotes will reflect that and will be much more affordable.

Another technique you can try is by making an excess payment contribution which will assist with the costs of your claim before your insurer pays the rest. Insurers will often offer this option to encourage people to only claim when they absolutely need to.

One more suggestion is to sign a clause which allows you to only claim if you are unable to gain access for help from the NHS within six weeks. Or you can limit the hospital list your child can visit for treatment in the case they require treatment. You can also opt for a cost friendly option like basic cover, which is the cheapest of all options.

Choosing the right health insurance for your child can be a daunting task, using comparative websites or an insurance expert will help you make the most informed decision for your child’s health.