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Our health is always the utmost priority in life.

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Our health is always the utmost priority in life. When we fall ill, we sometimes find it challenging to get appointments and consultations at the NHS services given their waiting lists.

Many today refer to private GPs, given that consultations are quicker and more efficient. However, their services come at a cost, leaving patients to ask whether their private medical insurance?

This guide will walk you through private GP insurance.

What is Private GP Insurance?

Private GP isn’t so much a subset of health insurance. However, it refers to whether an insurer will cover the costs of private GP consultations and services.

A private GP is much like a general practitioner in the NHS. However, the fundamental difference is that a private GP will operate out of a private medical facility and subsequently charge for consultations.

So why do people seek the services of a private GP when they charge for consultations and NHS GPs don’t? There are many desirable benefits of why patients use private GPs and want coverage included in their private health insurance.

The Benefits of a Private GP

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There are numerous perks to using a private GP over an NHS doctor. Discover some of the benefits of a private GP below.

1. You’ll get seen by a private GP quicker.

The speed at which you can get an appointment or consultation with a private GP is remarkably faster than that of the NHS. Sometimes waiting lists can be up to 6 weeks before you can secure an appointment.

Private GPs may be able to see you almost immediately through virtual or same-day appointments. You’ll get your diagnostic tests faster, ultimately meaning you’ll get recommended for treatment in private healthcare much quicker.

2. Private GP services are more efficient than the NHS.

The NHS is a fantastic service that we’re lucky to have. However, it’s no secret that the backlogs have made the consultations and care less efficient.

Private GPs are arguably more efficient than the NHS in their appointments because they usually are at the top of their professions. You’ll get diagnosed faster, where they will have access to dedicated labs to process your tests.

A morning consultation could see a diagnosis and treatment referral by the afternoon. You can’t get more efficient than that in your private healthcare.

3. Private GPs offer more patient flexibility in consultations and treatments.

Private GPs will often offer much more flexibility when using their services. Patients will book appointments and consultations that suit their schedules rather than take the limited slot that the NHS has given them.

Suppose you want to see your private GP over lunchtimes, public holidays, or weekends. In that case, they will likely be able to cater to your ideal timeslot. You’ll receive the desired consultations and treatments as opposed to having
to wait until a potentially distant NHS appointment.

4. You’ll be able to get longer appointments.

Because of the NHS backlogs, appointments get limited to short timeframes. They will quickly review your case and try and offer a diagnosis. Shorter consultation times often mean that there isn’t time to discuss your condition
meticulously. They have to end your consultation to see to the next person.

Private GPs will offer longer appointment times so that you can address all of your concerns and hear a more detailed analysis of your condition. More time gives your private GP more insight and can recommend more specialized care if

5. Private GPs will cater to your healthcare needs and expectations.

The amalgamation of private GP flexibility, longer consultations, and efficiency provides a better overall healthcare experience for a patient. Many private health insurance policyholders desire personal GP services to get more bespoke
healthcare solutions tailored to their needs and expectations.

The private GPs are happy to accommodate and result in a more comfortable experience when the policyholder requires medical attention.

The benefits of a private GP undoubtedly would spark interest in including their services in a health insurance plan. However, is private GP insurance automatically included in a health insurance policy?

Does Health Insurance Entitle Me to See a Private Doctor?

Many comprehensive health insurance plans cover the full spectrum of inpatient and outpatient care. Most insurers do not include private GP services in their policies.

The process of claiming insurance typically involves a policyholder seeing an NHS GP for a diagnosis and then raising a claim for private treatment. Coverage rarely consists in visiting a private GP.

However, there are a few policies that will include private GP services. Should you manage to find an insurer providing private GP insurance in the plan, what benefits can you expect to get covered?

What Private GP Services Get Covered with Health Insurance?

All the benefits mentioned earlier in the guide will generally get covered should your insurer provide private GP services. That includes 
consultations, tests, and referrals, either through in-person or virtual consultations.

It is crucial to discuss what private GP services come with your health insurance plan, in any case. Some insurers will vary on what they offer, mainly because few do include private GP insurance in their policies. It’s also imperative
to discuss cost and consultation limits and how this will affect monthly premiums.

How Much Does Private GP Insurance Cost?

Many factors will affect the cost of adding private GP services into your private health insurance costs. That may include age, location, and how much coverage you want in your private GP consultations.

It’s not possible to put an average number on how much it will cost for that reason. Be sure to discuss premiums with your insurer should you wish to include private GP coverage.

A Summary of Private GP Insurance

Let’s summarize the guide about private GP insurance with the highlights below.

  • Private GP insurance adds to private health insurance policies that cover consultations with private general practitioners.

  • The core benefits of private GP services are more efficiency, flexibility, top-quality consultations, and longer appointment times.

  • Most private medical insurance plans don’t cover visits to private GPs, but a few do.

  • Private GP services include consultations, tests, and referrals.

  • Insurers may place a cap on private GP visits.

  • Costs of private GP coverage can vary.

Should you have any questions, queries, or concerns about coverage for private GP services, speak to your insurer or broker. They will walk you through how you can include private GP insurance in your plan.