Death in service

This kind of insurance service is usually provided by employers.

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This kind of insurance service is usually provided by employers. Employees can have such a benefit either linked to their pensions or use a separate insurance scheme provided by their company. Company offers this kind of insurance as a part of benefit package for a person who is working for them.

Debt-in-service pays a lump sum that is equal to 3 or 4 years of salary for a relative who is indicated as the one getting this money in case of a death occurrence. Moreover, it covers the death of an employee in all accidents and not only death occurrences at the workplace.

Death-in-service has some disadvantages. Firstly, employer almost always provide this insurance package only while individual works for the company and as soon as he leaves the job death-in-service provided by that company cease to exist. Furthermore, it must remembered that death-in-service is different from the will. If the person changes his mind and wants other person to get that lump sum even though he indicates that in his will he also needs to change the name of the individual who is originally written as the dependent. There are some occurrences, for example, how ex-wife or ex-husband gets that lump sum because the individuals forgot to change the name of person who should get the money in case of their death.