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Looking for life insurance in Harlow? Life insurance will pay out a sum of money if the insured person dies.

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Looking for life insurance in Harlow? Life insurance will pay out a sum of money if the insured person dies. You’d think about Harlow life insurance especially if you have debts or your family member are depended on your income.

Do you ever worry about how your loved ones will cope financially once you are gone? It’s not a thought many of us want to linger on, yet, it certainly requires your consideration in order to get plans in place to protect those you love. With the right life insurance plan in place, you can get peace of mind and the reassurance you need that they will be able to support themselves financially in your absence. We take a look at the different types of life insurance available and whom life cover can support.

Mortgage Protection in Harlow

Mortgage protection insurance provides your partner or dependents with a payout to cover the cost of any remaining mortgage payments on your home. With this protection in place, you and those living in your household can be assured that they can keep up with the payments in your absence; as if they can’t afford these, the property could be repossessed. This type of cover won’t be necessary if you’re the only person living in your home.

Over 50’s life insurance in Harlow

As the name suggests, this insurance type is available to anyone aged 50 or over and serves to pay out a cash sum to a designated party when you’re gone. One of the major draws of this policy is that acceptance is guaranteed, without the need for health tests or medical examinations. With this policy, you will need to keep up with the monthly payments as, if any are missed, it is rendered void. The maximum amount usually paid out for this type of policy is up to £25,000. Often insurers will only pay out the maximum amount 1-2 years after you have taken out the policy.

Critical Illness insurance in Harlow

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Should you suffer from a heart attack, stroke or another serious illness, critical illness insurance will make a lump sum payout to cover for your expenses while you get back on your feet. This cover is intended for illnesses which are serious, but not life-threatening. So while non-terminal cancer would be covered under this policy, terminal illnesses would not. This illnesses which would leave you eligible for a payout will be listed under your individual policy terms.

Whole Of Life in Harlow

The majority of people will take out a life insurance policy which is valid over a fixed period of time; this is referred to as ‘term insurance’. In the case of whole of life cover, the policyholder will be protected throughout the entire duration of their life, provided they pay the required premium each month. This type of policy does tend to work out more costly than term insurance, which is why many opt for policies which last over a fixed period of time.

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