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“Ageas” is a new brand name for a multinational life insurance company “Fortis Holding” that was founded in 1990.

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“Ageas” is a new brand name for a multinational life insurance company “Fortis Holding” that was founded in 1990. The company has headquarters in Belgium and operates in 14 foreign markets including United Kingdom. Citizens of United Kingdom can buy “Ageas” insurance online, at a various locations using the services of thousand of “Ageas” insurance offices and throughout insurance brokers. “Ageas” has won a lot of awards in Britain. For example, last year the company was chosen as the winner in “The British Insurance Awards 2011” in the category of General Insurer of the Year. Indeed, the core competence of “Ageas” lies in the broad range of insurance services that is offered to the clients.

At the moment the company offers its clients three different life insurance plans: YourLife Plan, Low Star and Real Life Cover. “Ageas” allows the clients to personalize each of these plans and add additional benefits to the contract. For instance, a person can add critical illness, children critical illness and income protection benefits at an additional cost. Furthermore, decreasing and level term insurance policies exist.

YourLife Plan

YourLife Plan is designed using a method called “menu”. It allows a person to choose various additions to a life insurance cover by signing only one contract. In other words, a person can choose between a bare life insurance cover, complete life protection and all the intermediate options by combining a bare life insurance and one or more additional benefits. “Ageas” recently presented a new benefit that is called Total Disability. It combines Critical Illness and Income Protection benefits but is cheaper. Total Disability benefit is designed for people that want to buy both, Income Protection and Critical Illness, covers but find it too expensive. Total Disability benefit provides people with income for a short period if they are unable to work due to accident, injury or disease. Another advantage is that an accident or injury disaster does not have to be from terminal illnesses list published by the company if a person wants to get money from the insurance company.

Low Start

Low Start life insurance cover is similar to YourLife Plan but has one significant difference. The premiums for this plan are the lowest at the beginning of the contract and increase gradually as years go by. The rate at which the premiums increase is stipulated in the contract. If a person finds that the premiums are too high to pay he can lower his insurance cover and this way fix the premiums at a lower rate.

Real Life Cover

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Real Life Cover includes life insurance, income protection and limited critical illness. The plan is designed for people who would like to buy life insurance with two benefits mentioned above but does not have enough money to make costly monthly premiums. This cover offers cheaper rate but is also more limited because it only covers basic things that can hinder the ability of a person to work and earn money. For instance, Real Life Cover includes only three terminal diseases that will allows the person to make a successful claim (cancer, stroke and heart attack) whereas most terminal illness benefits include more than 30 diseases and accidents.

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