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Another free WordPress theme "Mini"

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Latest "Mini" version 1.1 released (03/02/2009).

  • Fixed IE5.5 & IE6 issues.
  • Added a link on comments.
  • Moved categories to the bottom of the post.
  • Theme is almost ready for internationalization.
  • Restructured templates.
  • Compatible with WordPress 2.7.

Latest "Mini" version 1.0.7 released (27/11/2008).

  • Included wp_footer() in footer.php, stats plugin and many others should work fine now (bug discovered by Antonio, thanks).

"Mini" version 1.0.6 released (20/11/2008).

  • Styled blockquote, code tags in comments.
  • Changed the styling of code, blockquote tags in posts.

"Mini" version 1.0.5 released (09/10/2008).

  • Fixed image aligning classes.

"Mini" version 1.0.4 released (16/09/2008).

  • Fixed the width of text area

Initial version 1.0.0 released (10/09/2008).

"Mini" is a free lightweight WordPress theme dedicated for those folks who like simple & clean designs. Nice icons from were used. Enjoy!


  • Valid XHTML & CSS.
  • Widget ready.
  • Gravatars support.
  • Looks good on any browser including IE6+, FF2+, Safari, Opera.
  • SEO optimized.
  • Three columns.

Coming soon:

  • Options page.