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Children instant access savings accounts

Children’s accounts are generally held in the name of the child with the parent acting as signatory on the account. Any adult can open for a child aged up to 18 an instant access children savings account. As with regular instant access savings account, there is an ability to open children saving account with minimal £1 balance, get good interest rates and withdraw money at any time without being required to pay a penalty.

Total: 101 of 1752
HSBC MyAccount
HSBC savings
Ulster Bank (NI) Adapt Account 11-18 Year Olds
Ulster Bank (NI) savings
Cheltenham & Gloucester Young Investor
Cheltenham & Gloucester savings
First Trust Bank (NI) Junior Saver Account
First Trust Bank (NI) savings
West Bromwich Building Society Acorn Savings
West Bromwich Building Society savings
Dunfermline Building Society L Account 16 - 23 Years Old
Dunfermline Building Society savings
Dunfermline Building Society M Account 11 - 15 Years Old
Dunfermline Building Society savings
Dunfermline Building Society S Account 0 - 10 years old
Dunfermline Building Society savings
Hinckley & Rugby Building Society Flying Start
Hinckley & Rugby Building Society savings
Newcastle Building Society Nova 18
Newcastle Building Society savings
Marsden Junior Affinity Accounts
Marsden savings
Marsden Young Saver
Marsden savings
Bank of Ireland (NI) Kidsave
Bank of Ireland (NI) savings
Britannia FirstSaver
Britannia savings
Kent Reliance Building Society The Wishmakers Account
Kent Reliance Building Society savings
The Co-operative Bank Bonus Account
The Co-operative Bank savings
The Co-operative Bank Future Fund
The Co-operative Bank savings
Cheshire Building Society Children's Affinity Accounts
Cheshire Building Society savings
Darlington Building Society Foundation
Darlington Building Society savings
Santander Flexible Saver For Kids
Santander savings
Derbyshire Young Savers
Derbyshire savings
Clydesdale Cybersave Account
Clydesdale savings
Earl Shilton Early Savers
Earl Shilton savings
HSBC MySavings
HSBC savings
Lloyds TSB Young Savers
Lloyds TSB savings