Logbook loans in London

London is an expensive city. According to recent studies it is the 6th most expensive city in Europe after Geneva, Zurich, Oslo, Bern and Copenhagen. Since London is the heart of United Kingdom there are a lot of logbook loan providers and an individual who is considering of taking out a loan can choose the best option. Most logbook loan companies allow their customers to borrow from £500 up to £50000. Because of very high competition in London logbook lenders here offers slightly lower APR than elsewhere.

There are two types of logbook lenders in London: companies that provide loans only in London and companies that operate throughout United Kingdom. Which company to choose depends on the APR offered by the lender, the amount of money required by the borrower. Even when APR seems comparatively low it is useful to look for reviews on the Internet about a particular company. High competition gives what to choose from but it also makes harder to make a wise decision.

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    Logbook loan calculator

    Calculate your weekly logbook loan payments and total to pay back, depending upon the size of your loan, interest rate and term.
  • Weekly payment £55.46, Total repayment £4,326