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Logbook loans

Advantages and disadvantages of logbook loans

The most important advantages and disadvantages of logbook loans provided with detailed explanations

Bill of sale

Bill of sale is a legal document that is signed by the seller and is given to the buyer in order to prove the legitimacy of the transaction. The document states that on a certain date and place for a specified sum of money a specific item was sold by the seller to the buyer and that the buyer was entitled to do so by having lawful possession of the item.

Car pawn loans

Car pawn loans are short-term contracts that usually last for 3 years or less (however in most cases the duration is up to 6 or 12 months) between the lender and the borrower. As contract is usually short-term and the main purpose of such borrowing is to solve short-term financial debts.

Car pawn versus logbook loan

Car pawn is similar to logbook loan. In both cases vehicles are used as a collateral. Moreover, these two options are most often used by people who have high risk of lending elsewhere because of insufficient income or bad credit history.

Logbook loan complaints

In the past a lot of logbook borrowers filed complaints against logbook lenders and some of these complaints degenerated into serious lawsuits. Some trials were favorable to logbook lenders and some to logbook borrowers. Often people complain about logbook lenders although they have signed the contract and agreed to the terms.

Logbook loan reviews

When a person is having some financial difficulties, he usually wants to find the best possible solution how to strengthen his financial position. However, sometimes it is difficult to choose the best available action as most of the time there are a lot of options that can be used.

Logbook loans in London

There are two types of logbook lenders in London: companies that provide loans only in London and companies that operate throughout United Kingdom.

Logbook loans in Scotland

The process of getting a logbook loan in Scotland is the same like in other countries. However the choice of logbook lenders here is very poor compared to the number of alternatives people have in United Kingdom when choosing logbook lenders. Currently there is only one logbook lender operating in Scotland that is called “Logbook Loans Scotland” although there are many brokers.