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Funeral Plan for Over 60

You may be entering the golden years of your life, but there may still be a few niggling concerns about the future. If you consider retirement, you may want to address them to be able to see out your days with peace of mind and enjoy your time.

One of the leading concerns for UK residents over 60 is what happens after you pass away, specifically your own funeral. Funeral costs aren’t getting any cheaper, and there’s rising worry that your family won’t have the money to afford the funeral costs or carry out your final wishes.

Life insurance doesn’t offer much to facilitate your desired farewell today, considering there’s no guaranteed acceptance and sometimes gruelling medical questions. That’s where over 60s funeral plans come in to lift all those weighing burdens of the future.

What is a Funeral Plan for Over 60?

A prepaid funeral plan for those over 60 is a service that allows you to take control of your future funeral. It secures your final wishes, gives you the farewell you want, and protects your family from rising funeral expenses.

Funeral plan providers will offer a broad set of packages tailored to your needs, ranging from essential funeral services to more intricate send-offs. The plans are usually customisable to your wishes and have flexible payment options such as monthly instalments. It makes them invaluable compared to paying for and organising your own funeral without prior arrangements.

It differs from a life insurance policy in that in the sense that your funeral plans mainly give a funeral director the money to carry out your service, rather than paying out the family. There are also guaranteed acceptance with no medical questions asked.

Many over 60s sign on to funeral plans as they start to concern themselves with what happens after they pass. It gives you and your family peace of mind about fulfilling your final wishes and protecting your bereaved family members from any financial burdens and stresses during a time of grievance.

But a prepaid funeral plan does come at an additional cost, and you enter your 60s and think about retirement; you may wonder if funeral plans are worth the extra cost on a tightening budget.

Is it Worth Getting a Funeral Plan Over 60?

We compare plans from the leading funeral providers

While a prepaid funeral plan will add an extra expense, some critical factors would highlight why it may be a worthy investment. Let’s outline some of the primary concerns about passing away and organising funerals.

  • Funeral prices have risen astronomically for over ten years.
  • There’s a near-certainty that the trend will continue.
  • Your family may not be able to afford your desired farewell.
  • The emotional toll of passing leaves arrangements complicated to organise

Funeral plans address these issues by covering or providing solutions to secure the farewell you want and protect your family from rising or unexpected funeral prices. Most funeral plans are very reasonable, with flexible payment options like monthly instalments.

Are Over 60s Funeral Plans Better Than a Life Insurance Policy?

The pros outweigh the cons of a prepaid funeral plan convinces many that it is worth the small additional cost to their budget than a life insurance policy. Many will argue the case of funeral plans over a life insurance policy, with a funeral director taking over the arrangements rather than families having to organise and deal with any unexpected costs.

A life insurance policy will only pay out predefined money and doesn’t have a finite amount of monthly instalments. Funeral plans remedy all the primary concerns of life insurance, offering more seamless, focused cover.

So what do over 60s funeral plans cover that an insurance policy doesn’t?

What Will a Funeral Plan Cover?

Funeral plans may be as intricate or elementary as you want, meaning there will be a package if you want a simple cremation farewell or a more elaborate, funeral director-led service. Depending on the funeral plan provider and the package you choose, coverage will include different services.

However, the average funeral plan provider will offer standard funeral plans that include the following:

  • A standard coffin
  • Funeral directors services
  • Care and transport of the deceased

Should you prefer cremation, many funeral plan providers offer simple direct cremation that collects and cremate the deceased and hand-delivers the ashes to the family. Other higher tier funeral plans will include funeral director-led services with customisable funeral arrangements such as hymns and readings and transport for the mourners.

The most elite prepaid funeral plans will likely include the following:

  • Multiple limousines on the day of the funeral
  • Complete or contribute coverage of third party funeral costs
  • Personnel for the funeral arrangements and services
  • Choice of high-quality coffin
  • Floral tributes
  • A hearse
  • Choice of funeral directors
  • Advice on registration and certification, such as a dying report

Again, funeral plan providers will have packages that differ in their offerings but almost exclusively address desires, final wishes, and budget. So is there anything that doesn’t get covered in a funeral plan?

What Doesn’t Get Covered in a Funeral Plan?

Some things won’t generally get included in any prepaid funeral plans, such as burial fees or doctors fees. These include:

  • Headstones or burial fees
  • Catering
  • Hire of funeral service venue
  • Embalming
  • Doctors fees
  • Any additional transport requirements.

Some of these funeral costs might be negotiable and can get added to funeral plans. However, you’ll likely have to pay more, considering these expenses are uncommon with most offered packages.

And with expenses in mind, you may wonder how much signing on to a funeral plan will set you back?

How Much are Over 60 Funeral Costs?

Over 60s prepaid funeral plans tend to be a bit more expensive than younger ones, only because you are closer to life expectancy. If you’ve opted for a monthly payment plan, premiums are slightly higher to cover the fixed cost of a funeral in a couple of years.

But remember, whether it’s a lump sum or monthly instalments, you won’t pay more than the remaining balance for your own funeral.

Package costs will vary depending on your choice and preferable arrangements for your farewell. However, we can give one of the UK’s leading provider’s funeral costs as an example.

  • Silver – £43.43 per month or £3,645 sum
  • Gold – £47.71 per month or £3,995 sum
  • Platinum – £50.78 per month or £4,245 sum

Most funeral plans guarantee a payout for funeral costs after two years of instalments, giving you peace of mind of coverage should you pass earlier than expected. All that’s left to pay is the remaining balance.

Choosing the cash sum will cover the costs and secure your funeral arrangements straightaway. You can further rest assured that money towards your funeral plans is secure in a trust fund

If you’ve decided that an over 60s funeral plan is right for you, where can you explore options?

Where Can I Compare Funeral Plans for Over 60?

You may want an overview of all the funeral plans available for those over 60 and start to gauge an idea of funeral costs, either in a cash sum or in monthly payments. Filling out the details in the form below will return comprehensive insight into over 60 funeral plans tailored to your needs, budget, and expectations.

Even those over 60 with health problems, UK residents have guaranteed acceptance into funeral plans. Combat the rising costs of funerals and secure your farewell at today’s prices.