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How to Find Out When Someone’s Funeral is UK?

We always want to say our last farewells to our acquaintances even if we’ve lost touch should they pass away. However, there are many scenarios where we’re unsure about when they have their funerals because we no longer have immediate connections.

This guide explores how we can find someone’s funeral information, starting with how we can find out if they have died.

Where Can I Find Out If Someone Has Passed Away?

It’s easy to lose touch with your friends and acquaintances as you get elderly. Sometimes, not hearing from someone in a while as we enter old age makes us wonder if they have passed away.

Naturally, we like to pay our last respects and find out if they have indeed passed away. If you have contact with the person in question, the first point of call would be to get in touch with the deceased’s immediate family – they should confirm the details for you.

However, that option is not always available for everyone. You can look up the UK death announcements if you don’t have any further connection to the deceased’s wider circle.

How Do I Look Up Someone’s Death Announcement?

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Looking up death records is the alternative way to determine if someone you know has passed away. While you may feel that it’s a bit emotionally tolling to find out this way, take solace that death announcements are a widespread way to discover if an acquaintance has deceased.

In the UK, a death certificate gets issued upon passing and processed through a local register office and the General Register Office (GRO). These facilities will have the records of the deceased person, and you can inquire about the following information:

  • Name of deceases
  • Date of birth
  • Age
  • Place of passing

If you wish to look up a death record, contacting the local register office would be easier if you knew the place of death. This facility will contain significantly fewer death certificates to filter, and you will find your information much quicker. The GRO has tens of millions, considering that they hold on to death records for 100 years.

After finding out if the person in question has deceased, you may wish to know where to pay your respects. Does the death record have information about the funeral?

Is Information About Their Funeral Service Available?

Generally, the local or national archives probably will not have information about an upcoming funeral. However, you can check a few locations to see if there are death or funeral announcements for your acquaintance.


Many publications, both locally and nationally, often publish the obituaries of the deceased, including funeral information.

Local newspapers are your best bet if you know whereabouts the person passed away. You’ll quickly find the obituary record if they have an online version. Otherwise, you can contact the publication directly and enquire if they have a description.

National newspapers may also have an archive of death notices and obituaries. It’s best to check online if you don’t know when they have deceased, as most physical publications tend only to publish recent information.


Websites are arguably the easiest way to find out funeral information. Many sources, including dedicated funeral web portals, publish obituaries and funeral announcements online. A quick query into a search engine may yield the funeral time and place you seek.

Funeral Directors

Funeral directors will indefinitely have this information if they are responsible for leading the deceased’s funeral. If the person had a funeral plan, the notice might get published on their funeral plan provider’s website.

You may need to know the person’s place of death to check with funeral directors in the area efficiently.

So if you know when a person has passed but are unsure of the funeral information, how long do you have before the service occurs?

What’s the Usual Period Between Death and Funeral Service?

Suppose you know the date that your acquaintance passed. In that case, you can expect the funeral to happen approximately two weeks after the death date. However, a series of factors may affect the funeral date.

These include:

  • Funeral director schedule
  • Any religious requirements
  • Any pending death inquiry
  • Payments for services pending
  • Final wishes for a specific date or place or lengthy arrangements

Suppose there are some extraordinary final wishes in place or other circumstances that conflict with the general date of the funeral. Is there a way of finding out? The local funeral director would have all the information about when the funeral should occur.

However, tracing the assigned funeral director may be a challenge. Nevertheless, often you’ll find the deceased had a funeral plan to arrange their funeral. It’s possible to trace the information through these funeral plan providers.

How Do I Know if the Deceased Person Had a Funeral Plan?

If the deceased had a funeral plan, a couple of options are available to track the funeral service information.

Suppose a search engine query does not yield any results. In that case, you can go to the Funeral Planning Authority (FPA) website, where they present an option to track a plan. You could fill out a form with the deceased’s name and any additional details you know and check their database if they took out a funeral plan.

Should there be a result, you can contact the funeral plan provider or funeral director to find out more information about the funeral service.

Is a Funeral Plan a Good Idea for Myself?

If you’ve had a challenge finding out if a person has deceased, you may consider your passing and how it affects your loved ones and acquaintances. Having a funeral plan may make informing your social circle of your passing and funeral arrangements easier.

Many more people consider a funeral plan a good idea. They can leave wishes to inform their loved ones about your passing. You can also leave information about where they can pay their respects. Nobody will have to struggle to find out where or how to attend your funeral.

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