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Prepaid Funeral Plans Under 50

A funeral plan under the age of 50 isn’t the first thing on our minds. After all, there isn’t any expectation of dying anytime soon, considering the average lifespan in the UK.

However, the rising funeral costs present a scenario where families may not be able to afford your funeral when you do eventually pass or die unexpectedly. Perhaps securing your funeral now might be a decent investment, but can you even get a funeral plan under 50?

Can I Get Funeral Plans Under 50?

A funeral plan for those under 50 allows those considered younger to pay a lump sum or monthly to plan their funeral services. Because younger persons are less likely to pass soon, many often ask if one can even get a funeral plan under that age threshold?

Many funeral plan providers will only accept customers over 50 into their funeral plans. However, there are increasing numbers of prepaid funeral plans available starting from 18-years-old.

It seems pretty early to think about dying. That begs the question if getting funeral plans when you’re under 50 is a good idea?

Are Funeral Plans Under 50 a Good Idea?

We compare plans from the leading funeral providers

Nobody wants to think about passing on when you’re under 50. However, we live in a world of uncertainty, and should one pass unexpectedly; the rising funeral costs are a concern.

A few reasons people under 50 may see funeral plans as a good idea are responsible financial planning for themselves and their families. We can elaborate on why more younger people take out prepaid funeral plans.

Get Peace of Mind

Our families’ welfare is at the forefront of our minds as we age. Even though you may not be of a typical dying age, passing at some point down the line is inevitable.

Prepaid funeral plans take care of the costs of funerals now and put arrangements and services in the hands of funeral directors. There will be no financial burden or emotional toll during a difficult time for your family members when your time comes.

A prepaid funeral plan brings profound peace of mind that significant tasks get taken care of post-passing.

Protect Your Family Against Hefty Funeral Expenses

In 2021, the average funeral cost was £4,344, up from under £2,000 in 2004. These figures will skyrocket by 2035 when funeral services may exceed well over £7,000.

As you are under 50, there’s more of a chance you’ll pass around the time when funeral costs will have nearly doubled. Prepaid funeral plans will lock in the expenses of the services and arrangements at today’s prices and protect your family against extraordinary costs in the future.

Flexible and Affordable Payment Plans

Generally, funeral plan providers will offer flexible payments plans for those purchasing a prepaid funeral plan. The two options come in a lump sum, paying the entire cost of the funeral upfront or paying in monthly instalments.

Because you’re younger and not expected to die imminently, persons under 50 can spread the cost of a funeral over particularly low monthly instalments. Any funeral plan provider that offers an under 50s plan will usually cover the cost of funerals two years after payments. That ensures protection for any pre-mature death scenario.

The flexibility and affordable nature of prepaid funeral plans make the prospect an attractive one.

Have the Funeral You Want

It’s not often we think about the funeral we want. At the same time, we’re young, but securing your funeral services now can save your family much time and stress in the future. You can plan your funeral around how you want your memorial, picking if you wish to get buried or cremated, and other service options.

All your final wishes get fulfilled now, so you can have the funeral you want without any issues down the line.

What Should I Consider in Funeral Plans Under 50?

Suppose you’re seriously thinking about investing in a prepaid funeral plan for those under 50. In that case, you might want to understand how to pick the one right for you. Not all providers offer the same packages or the same options, so it’s worth procuring the knowledge of how they work and what’s beneficial to your circumstances.

The key considerations when picking an under 50s funeral plan are below.


Not every funeral plan provider covers the same funeral aspects, and there are usually different packages tailored for varying needs. It’s essential to check that the under 50s funeral plan includes the costs you want to cover in the funeral, from services to funeral director fees and more.

Third-Party Costs

Third-party costs in funerals are ones of concern to those arranging the funeral plan. Despite the core services of a funeral getting coverage from the package, there are a few costs that providers won’t include without prior arrangement.

These third-party costs include:

  • Minister fees
  • Doctor fess
  • Cremation or burial fees

Suppose you don’t want to leave any additional costs to your family. In that case, you’ll want to secure these in advance with the funeral plan provider. Many options include third-party fees or building an allowance for funeral expenditures.

Payment Options

Can you afford the entire cost of the funeral now? Or would you prefer to pay in monthly instalments?

Paying the lump sum means that your funeral costs get covered straight away. In contrast, most funeral plan providers require a minimum of two years worth of instalments before paying out for your funeral.

Which payment option works best for you?


One thing that would be of more interest to those under 50 would be the flexibility the funeral plan offers. Considering you are young, it’s more likely that you’ll want to make changes, amendments, or even possibly cancel your funeral plan.

Check with your funeral plan provider on their policy regarding moving, changing plans, or cancellations.


The Funeral Planning Authority regulates all good funeral plan providers. Ensure you pick a package supplied by an entity with approval from the FPA to ensure your funds are safe.

Where Can I Find Quotes for Prepaid Funeral Plans for Under 50?

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