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Who are the Best Funeral Plan Providers?

p>There comes a time in everyone’s life when you need to start thinking about your farewell. Sometimes it’s unexpected others, you can foresee your eventual passing, but one thing is sure. There will be some memorials for you.

Funeral plan providers are resources that help plan for a funeral service and protect families from rising and unexpected costs of funerals. Given the varying plans, picking one that suits your needs may be more challenging than expected.

This guide offers advice on some of the best funeral plan providers in the UK.

What is a Funeral Plan Provider?

A funeral plan provider is any entity that specialises in the sale of funeral plans. This service allows individuals to prepay for their funerals. There are 28 registered funeral plan providers in the United Kingdom with the Funeral Planning Authority (FPA).

The funeral plan provider will sell packages that allow everyone to pay for their funeral in advance to relieve any concerns about what happens when they pass away. Those worries include the rising funeral costs, organising final wishes, and protecting families against unexpected expenses.

Generally, a prepaid funeral plan provider will allow individuals to organise and pay for the funeral they want at an affordable price custom to their wishes. The growing demand for prepaid funeral plans has seen the rise of many providers, leaving much pondering advice on how to choose the best one.

How Do I Decide on the Best Funeral Plan Provider?

We compare plans from the leading funeral providers

There is no set-in-stone way to decide on the best funeral provider, considering that you’ll want to choose one that suits your requirements. You may want a funeral plan but have a limited budget, prefer a simple send-off, or enjoy a comprehensive service behind your farewell.

Circumstances can vary, but some questions can help you compare and decide on the best funeral plan provider. Those are:

What are your payment options for funeral plans?

The best funeral plan providers will have flexible payment options that suit various needs. They will generally have a lump sum option where you pay the funeral costs upfront and a monthly payment option covering expenses in instalments.

You’ll find that these providers will have around pre-conceived packages with a funeral director to cover a spectrum of different wants and needs for funerals, ranging from basic to comprehensive.

Are you registered with the FPA?

You’ll want to ensure that your funds are secure should anything happen to your funeral plan provider. Please enquire as to whether they are with the Funeral Planning Authority.

What services and fees get covered? 

Coverage is one of the crucial factors in finding the right funeral plan provider for you, as not all offer the same services. Some funeral plan providers offer third-party costs, whereas most will omit them, and others have varying contributions towards other funeral fees.

Prospective funeral plan buyers should understand what the funeral plan provider offers in their packages. Most will include a funeral director, transport and care of the deceased, and a hearse and coffin.

Queries should include whether the following funeral costs get covered.

    • Cremation fees or burial fees
    • Minister or officiant fees
    • Funeral director’s fees
    • Catering costs
    • Mourners transport
    • Headstones
    • Funeral Notices
    • Embalming
    • Flowers

Is there a guarantee of coverage?

A guarantee of coverage means that the funeral plan provider will pay the agreed costs of the funeral should you pass within a set period. This set time generally applies to the monthly payment plans, where one may expire before the total cost gets paid.

The best funeral plan providers will usually pay agreed on expenses after two years of payments. Some will be less, and some will only pay what’s been contributed to the account thus far.

Can I choose my funeral director?

Leading funeral plan providers will give the person a choice of their preferred funeral director. However, it’s not uncommon to see the provider nominate a local funeral director for your service.

Is there an age limit in the plans? 

The most common age range accepted into funeral plans by providers is between 50 and 80 years old. More funeral plan providers acknowledge the concern behind younger persons wanting to lock in their funeral expenses now, considering the rising funeral costs.

More funeral plan providers offer plans for the ages of 18 and up.

Arming yourself with those queries will help you determine the best funeral plan provider for you. But if you’d like a sound opinion on some of our picks, we can list a few that we believe benefit the most.

Explore 5 of the Best Funeral Plan Providers

Weighing up the answers to the questions mentioned above, we’ve picked five of the country’s most valued funeral plan providers.

1. Prosperous Life

Prosperous Life is one of the UK’s leading prepaid funeral plan providers, dedicating its services to relieving the emotional and financial stress of funerals. Their client-dedicated and comprehensive plans make organising and covering costs of funerals seamless, leaving no concerns for families when the time comes around.

2. Co-op Funeralcare

Co-op Funeralcare has received numerous awards as one of the best funeral plan providers in the UK. Their service, the vast network of directors, and affordability make the provider a recognised name in funeral care.

3. SunLife

SunLife is another decorated funeral plan provider known for being quite attentive to clients’ needs. Their services include a broad range of plans, from a basic cremation to elaborate, traditional service by a funeral director.

4. Avalon

Avalon has nearly two decades of experience in providing funeral plans, making them more of the trusted sage of the funeral industry. Clients enjoy their excellent prices and allowances for third-party costs and flexible arrangements for their services.

5. AgeCo

AgeCo is one of the only funeral plan providers in the UK to guarantee coverage of funeral service costs with all their plans. Their flexibility and affordability make the packages attractive for those who want to satisfy their farewell wishes with a funeral director and budget restrictions.

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