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What are the Cheapest Funeral Plans?

Have you started considering what happens after you pass away but are alarmed at the cost of dying? You and millions of other Britons find themselves unsure what to do about funerals, as their price doesn’t meet with what they can afford to pay.

Low cost funeral providers have emerged to help combat the rising funeral costs. However, there are still many unaffordable to us. Are there cheap funeral plans available so that we can secure what happens post-passing?

Are There Cheap Funeral Plans Available?

Funerals are not cheap, and costs continue to rise. Between 2010 and 2020, the expense of a funeral has increased by over 54%, and prices are forecast to rise even higher.

Those statistics are the primary reasons why many persons consider funeral plans, locking in today’s funeral prices for your eventual passing. However, even the current costs of funerals may be unaffordable. They leave people concerned that they won’t be able to have a farewell or have their post-passing wishes fulfilled.

That leaves the question of whether there are any cheap funeral options or ways to make funeral services more affordable. Despite worries, there are ways to curate cheaper funerals in advance.

We can run through the options if you want to secure a funeral on a limited budget.

What Cheap Funeral Options Are There?

We compare plans from the leading funeral providers

The cheapest way to arrange a funeral is through a low-cost funeral plan provider. They’ll know how to secure a funeral on a budget and tailor packages that best fit your desires and available finances.

There is always the option of arranging the funeral yourself. However, you won’t have professional input from funeral directors. It may be a burden on your family to execute your final wishes.

The aspects you need to consider are arguably best left to those who can efficiently organise the practical and logistical elements, including transport, body care, and burial or cremation.

So what cheap funeral options are there if I choose a plan from a low-cost funeral provider?

No Service Direct Cremation

This funeral option is by far the cheapest, considering this plan excludes much of the traditional costs of the funerals by omitting the service. Choosing this option would mean that the deceased would not get any aspects that make up a conventional funeral, such as mourners, a procession, a memorial, or a hearse.

Instead, the no service direct cremation plan would cover the transport of the deceased, an unattended cremation, and delivery of the ashes to the loved one. The essentials get covered without any additional cost or unexpected fees, but there is no public farewell.

This plan is a preferable option for many on a budget. Average costs begin from £1,450 and are payable in monthly instalments through most low-cost funeral plan providers.

Family Service Cremation

The family service cremation is similar to the direct one mentioned above. However, this plan will include a family organ service – one more subtle and less elaborate than a traditional funeral.

Transport, cremation, and care get covered in the plan. The fundamental difference is that some providers will allow you to attend the cremation with a few family members, remaining for a short time to speak your farewells.

No ministers or officiants are leading the service; it’s a simple family attendance during the cremation of the loved one. The average cost of a family service cremation is £1,795.

Traditional Service with Burial or Cremation

Even though there are cheaper options than this plan, many people would want a more public service in line with farewell conventions. Low cost funeral providers will offer packages that incorporate all the hallmarks of a traditional service, including funeral director’s services, cremation or burial fees, and care of the deceased.

The traditional service plan keeps costs lower by offering the essentials of a public funeral. Because many more aspects are involved in a traditional funeral. The prices will still be significantly higher than the other two cheaper options, starting at around £2,500.

However, providers are aware that this may be unaffordable for those with solid wishes for a traditional funeral. Many plans will offer reasonable payment plans to cover the more expensive costs.

Are There Any Concerns Behind Cheap Funeral Plans?

Naturally, people considering cheaper funeral plans might believe there is cause for concern if they are considerably inexpensive. The main worry is that the low-cost funeral provider may not offer a legitimate service or cover costs when the time comes.

But there are more concerns behind cheap funeral plans, as outlined below:

  • Low cost funeral providers going out of business before you pass away
  • Mis-selling of plans where payments only go towards some of the funeral costs, not all
  • Changes in financial circumstances for the better, but you can’t upgrade your plan
  • Unexpected fees hindering the funeral process
  • Limitations on the farewell you want to have

The best low-cost funeral providers will have the security and competence behind them, giving their clients peace of mind. Should you consider a cheap funeral plan, ensure regulation from Funeral Planning Authority (FPA).

Don’t forget to query about flexibility, all prospective costs of the funeral (including third-party expenses), and explore options to have the funeral you want at a more reasonable price.

Are Cheap Funerals Safe?

The stigma attached to cheap funerals is that providers won’t follow up on their promises, as mentioned in the concerns above. That’s why it’s crucial to check that your provider has regulations from the FPA.

FPA-approved providers will reassure clients that their funds are in a life insurance policy or a trust fund. This action removes the prospect of illegitimate funeral providers taking the money for themselves, with no recourse to fulfil your funeral wishes when you pass.

Currently, funeral plans do not have regulations in the financial market should they go out of business. However, from July 2022, they will be protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS), so your money is safe.

We’ve only picked FPA-regulated low-cost funeral providers in this guide to ensure client security. But how do you compare those cheap funeral plans offered by various providers?

How Do I Compare Cheap Funeral Plans?

The concern of security gets addressed only by picking providers registered with the FPA. But what other factors do you need to consider when exploring cheap funeral plans that work for you?

The three most prominent comparison factors are below:


Of course, price is the primary factor you’ll investigate when comparing cheap funeral plans. You’ll want to filter out the most inexpensive ones out of the bunch.

Consider an increasing number of low-cost funeral plan providers entering the market. Some of the differences between prices will be fractional. When comparing listed below, consider other factors – the lowest prices aren’t always the best plan for the person.


Compare plans by investigating what each package from the low-cost providers covers. Just because you find one that is the absolute cheapest does not mean it will render the service you desire for your funeral.

A cheap funeral plan won’t include comprehensive coverage for your funeral. However, a good one will cover the bare essentials of what you want for your farewell. Consider that if you believe that your family could contribute some of the costs after you pass away.

Payment Plan

There are two main options for payment for funeral plans, lump sum and instalments. You’ll likely get a better price paying in a lump sum, though this bulk figure may not be feasible for your finances.

Most who want a cheap funeral plan opt for the monthly payments option. You’ll pay a relatively low figure every month until the funeral payments are complete. Some low-cost providers will even have more flexibility with their instalment plans, offering yearly fees.

Compare the best plan for you by picking payment terms that don’t weigh your budget.

So with these considerations in mind, you’ll come around to searching for the cheapest funeral plan that offers relatively desirable terms. Are there any preferred funeral plans that are as good as cheap?

What Are Some of the Best Cheap Funeral Plans?

We’ve gathered a few of the cheapest funeral plans in the UK that offer good value to clients in terms of affordability, coverage, flexibility, and service. Discover five of the most budget-friendly providers below.

1. Prosperous Life

Prosperous Life is a more comprehensive service that puts its clients first in times of stress and emotion. Their funeral plans take the weight of the customer and their loved ones planning a funeral and delivering on their final wishes.

The provider is not the cheapest but offers excellent value with what you get in their monthly payment plans. For as little as £43.34 a month, your funeral will include:

  • Funeral director services and professional support
  • Customisable services
  • Attentiveness to all funeral arrangements
  • A coffin and hearse
  • Transport of the deceased
  • Use of chapel of rest
  • Guidance and support on certification, documentation, and processes

Prosperous Life plans are the cheapest way to get the most out of your funeral. The lowest tier package will give you a traditional service with monthly payments that won’t break the bank.

2. Pure Cremation

Pure Cremation launched its plan based on the need for more affordable options for farewells in the UK. They only offer packages that cover the basics of cremation, leaving at the ceremonies that generally drive up the costs.

Pure Cremation starts at £31.90 and includes:

  • Collection from anywhere in the mainland United Kingdom
  • An eco-friendly coffin
  • Cremation, administration, and doctors fees
  • Hand delivery of the ashes to any mainland UK address within 21 days of the cremation


The Pure Cremation plan also offers additional extras, including family attendance of the cremation and priority service for a small additional expense. It’s one of the cheapest ways to say farewell without the stress of planning and arranging an elaborate funeral.

3. Golden Leaves

Golden Leaves is the cheapest option for the basics of a traditional funeral. Their Copper Plan is the most popular option within the provider for those on a limited budget, costing a monthly instalment of about £20 per month.

The Copper Plan from Golden Leaves features:

  • Funeral director’s professional services
  • Advice on registration and documentation
  • Collection and care of the deceased
  • A coffin and a hearse

Golden Leaves offers a cheap funeral plan if you’d like a more traditional service and are happy with a simpler funeral. The monthly costs are pretty reasonable, with all programs being fully guaranteed.

4. Simplicity Cremations

The Lily Plan offered by Simplicity Cremations is undoubtedly one of the cheapest funeral plans because they offer such a low monthly rate on their cremation packages. The plan starts at £15.97 per month, one of the affordable plans but the longest to pay off.

Simplicity Cremations Lily Plan offers a simple cremation of the deceased, taking care of all the essential parts of the process. Coverage includes:

  • Cremation fees
  • 24-hour service team to guide your plan
  • Collection and maintenance of the deceased
  • Return of ashes anywhere in mainland Britain funeral
  • The funeral plan goes with you if you move somewhere else in the mainland UK

The Lily Plan is one of the cheapest options available that efficiently covers the minimum requirements for cremation. However, those looking for a more intimate farewell may prefer other options.

5. Affordable Funerals

The name speaks volumes in defining the business as a low-cost funeral provider. Affordable Funerals is arguably the cheapest option in the UK for direct cremation, with a monthly payment starting from £10.56 per month.

There is no funeral service with their most inexpensive Direct Plan, but it covers:

  • Collection and transport of the deceased
  • Cremation fees
  • Standard coffin
  • Scattering of remains (if desired)

The low cost will be an attractive prospect if you only need a plan for your cremation. Note that there is no delivery of the ashes with this plan, and they must be collected from the facility if opted.

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