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What are the Best Funeral Plans?

Are you starting to get concerned about mortality? What happens with your funeral after you pass may be a complex topic to discuss. However, ultimately it is worthwhile to save your family from the expense of rising funeral costs.

Prepaid funeral plans are the best way to protect your loved ones against the high costs of funerals. But which ones are going to give me the best value?

This guide will outline the factors driving the best funeral plans and detail some of the most prominent on the market.

What is a Prepaid Funeral Plan?

Prepaid funeral plans are a type of life insurance that allows you to cover the costs of your or the funeral of a loved one in advance. The plan protects individuals against the rising costs of funerals, where they will pay a secured amount in a monthly premium or lump sum at today’s prices.

Even if the thought of a funeral hadn’t crossed your mind, there are arguments to support that it’s a good idea.

Is a Funeral Plan a Good Idea?

We compare plans from the leading funeral providers

The primary concern of funerals is that the costs of having one have increased year-on-year for the last 14-years. The financial burden placed on families for funerals often leaves them unable to afford or give their loved ones the send-off they deserve.

Funeral plans protect families against unexpected funeral costs, make them more affordable, and allow payment in monthly instalments. Securing a funeral plan also brings peace of mind that all the arrangements are in place when the time comes.

The value behind the funeral plan and the relief it brings to families ultimately makes investing in one a good idea, should funerals be a concern for the near or distant future. Individuals will have control over their funerals, discussing with providers a budget to suit them and everything they’d like included in their funeral service.

What Gets Included in a Funeral Plan?

Before inquiring about them, many would want to understand the value of a prepaid funeral plan. Funeral plan providers offer a series of packages that suit the most common needs for a funeral and others to take care of more elaborate or intricate requests.

Naturally, funeral plans address what you can afford to pay and what you’d like in your funeral service. However, you’ll find that almost every policy will provide the essential services listed below:

  • Coffin, hearse, and the funeral director
  • Care for the body
  • Visitation to the chapel of rest
  • Minster’s services
  • Transport of the body to a funeral home

While most funeral plans will cover the basics listed above, you’ll find that there are factors that vary between different providers. Some will include these in their core plans, while others will find themselves in higher-tier packages.

Here are the most common variables in funeral plan providers:

  • Embalming
  • Burial plots and fees
  • Headstones
  • Flowers
  • Limousine Transport for mourners
  • Ministers fees
  • Cremation fees
  • Catering

So how do you decide on the best funeral plan for you?

How Do I Decide on the Best Funeral Plan Providers?

Deciding on a funeral plan provider involves finding the best-tailored plan for your needs and circumstances. Most will choose their provider and strategy based on their budget in parallel with the funeral service.

Today in the UK, funeral plan providers are abundant. Individuals or families considering prepaid funeral plans may find themselves a bit overwhelmed in choosing the best funeral plan provider in parallel to their requirements.

We’ve broken down some critical considerations to help you decide on the best funeral plan for yourself or a loved one.


Laying the groundwork for your funeral should first take what you want to happen in your service. Are you content with just the simple funeral service? Do you want a burial plot or cremation? Perhaps you’d like a particular style of catering for the funeral? What can your family afford to pay when the time comes?

As mentioned earlier in the article, many funeral plan providers offer different packages based on desires. Most will allow flexibility to get what you want covering in a funeral plan. But of course, the more cover you want, the premiums or lump sum will be more expensive.

The cost will be a factor in choosing your funeral plan. But it makes choosing easier to break down if you find a plan that suits your needs and desires first.


Cost is another significant consideration in choosing the best funeral plans for you. Many invest in a prepaid funeral plan because of the eye-watering expense of dying in the UK, growing to nearly £9,000 this year.

Funeral plans to secure your service at today’s rates and offer much more affordable payment plans to ensure your farewell wishes get fulfilled. Nearly every funeral plan provider will provide a different tier of service that would suit any budget.

You’re also free to decide whether you’d like to pay upfront for the funeral in a lump sum or monthly instalments. That can make even the more meticulous funeral arrangements much more affordable.

So what can you expect to pay? A more elementary package will cost about £3000 on average, whereas a more comprehensive funeral plan will cost £5000. Consider what you and your family can realistically afford to pay for your funeral.


Individuals and families are ultimately trying to achieve peace of mind with a funeral plan covering future funeral costs. You’ll want some guarantees of what gets covered and what your family will have to pay when the time comes around.

The best funeral plans have a concise outline of each package. They clearly understand what you pay for your funeral now and any remaining costs post-passing.


The final consideration when choosing the best funeral plan for you is to ensure the legitimacy of the funeral plan provider. Select a provider registered with the Funeral Planning Authority (FPA).

That means that your money is secure with your chosen provider, as they have to operate according to the rules and regulations of the funeral industry. It’s a further layer offering peace of mind to individuals and families interested in prepaid funeral plans.

So with all these considerations, is there anything else you should know before investing in a funeral plan?

What Should I Know Before Buying a Prepaid Funeral Plan?

The best funeral plan providers offer a profound commitment to their clients and don’t just try to sell you a plan and render a service. Funerals are an emotional time for the families involved. Funeral planning teams should provide a sympathetic service by listening and addressing all needs.

Finding that provider that will give you the compassion and dedication requires a prospective client to ask a few questions about the service to ensure an excellent service.

Secure Your Funeral Plan by Asking the Following Questions

Ask these questions with a potential funeral plan provider when discussing their service.

Can I Choose My Own Funeral Director?

Funerals are an emotional time for all, and many families would want someone they trust to take the reigns of the service. Good funeral plan providers will allow you to choose your funeral director.

How Many Third Party Costs Will I Have to Pay?

There are costs to consider outside the standard funeral expense like doctor’s and minister’s fees. Your funeral plan provider should inform you of what they will cover regarding third party costs.

Where is My Money Held?

There’s always a risk of a funeral director going out of business or your provider facing turbulence. The best providers will ensure your money is safe no matter what happens.

What Happens If I Die Abroad?

Passing abroad may not be at the forefront of your mind, but it is essential to consider. Most funeral plans will not cover the cost of repatriation should you die in another country. However, travel insurance will pay in most cases. Make sure you understand your provider about what happens in this scenario.

Can I Make Changes or Cancellations If Circumstances Change?

If there’s one thing in life that’s certain, circumstances and plans can change instantly. Please discuss with your funeral provider on their flexibility policy. Ask whether you can make changes to arrangements, what happens if there are significant changes to personal lives, or whether you can cancel the funeral plan entirely.

What If I Move from the Area?

You’ll likely have a funeral closer to home if you move to a different area. Check with your provider whether they can accommodate a change in funeral director and make amendments to funeral service plans.

Now that you have the knowledge and considerations to choose your suited funeral plan, are there any that particularly stand out?

Here are the Top 10 Best Funeral Plans for 2022

As seen above, there is much to consider when choosing the best funeral plan. We’ve weighed up all the factors that present the best value for those looking for funeral protection and listed them below.

Find 10 of the UK’s best funeral plans in 2022 listed below. Please note that the pricing figures listed here are subject to change.

1. Prosperous Life

Prosperous Life is one of the UK’s leading prepaid funeral plans. Their balance between affordability, flexibility, and accessibility makes them a preferred choice to those searching for a funeral plan with the best value.

Their dedicated funeral plan managers are knowledgeable, compassionate, and more than capable of facilitating the needs and requirements of your future funeral. The provider offers three general tiers of package that cover the common factors of budget, comprehensiveness, and seamlessness of service.

You can expect to pay £3,645 (o £43.43 per month) for the silver package featuring all the essentials, or a maximum of £4,245 (or £50.78 per month) for the platinum plan, featuring a more comprehensive suite of funeral services.

Prosperous life offers high standards of care and service, backed by their consistently excellent Trustpilot ratings.

2. Golden Leaves

Those on more of a budget for their funerals will find Golden Leaves an ideal choice. The provider offers five plans, ranging from the most basic to holistic premium packages.

The plans start from £19.57. Even the lowest tier plan features funeral director services, registration and documentation advice, transport and care of the body, and a coffin and hearse inclusion. There’s also a full guarantee for all plans, something not often seen with funeral plan providers in the UK.

In terms of the lump sum, the minimum you can expect to pay at Golden Leaves is £ 1,644, and the complete premium package would be £3,969.

3. Safe Hands

The customisation and flexibility of SafeHands help this funeral plan provider stand out. Each plan has funeral director fees and service charges guaranteed in the package but allows plenty of options to tailor your funeral desires to your expectations.

One of the most attractive prospects of SafeHands is that they offer one of the most flexible payment schemes out of all UK providers. These include zero handling charges applied to fixed-term payments plans between one and two years.

Four plans start at £2,390 (or £24.97 per month), capping off at £4,095 (or £44.86 per month).

4. Sunlife Funeral Plan

Sunlife does things differently as a funeral plan provider because they do not offer payments for funerals in lump sums. You’ll only be able to subscribe to one of their two pay monthly packages in the Traditional and Traditional Plus plans.

The provider has a strong relationship with Dignity, offering relatively the same guaranteed services but a more budget-tailored approach. The straightforwardness of Sunlife makes things a refreshing touch with this funeral plan, paying for funerals if you pass on after only two years and payable monthly until you are 90.

The only thing to note is that Sunlife has a limited allowance for third party costs, which may leave some significant expenses to the family.

5. Dignity Funerals Service

Dignity has consistently had praise as one of the leading funeral plan providers in the UK. It is undoubtedly one of the most well-known. They have a network of over 800 funeral directors across the country, assuring customers that they are very experienced and capable of handling funeral services in parallel with needs.

Their four available plans have seen 5-star ratings across the board, guaranteeing funeral directors’ costs and burial and cremation. There’s also a decent degree of personalisation. One of the more unique features is a seamless plan transition if you decide to move.

Plans with Dignity are attractive for budgeteers, sitting at £2,795 (or £14.70 per month) for a limited service with their renowned comprehensive Diamond plan priced at £3,795 (or £19.96 per month).

6. Pride Planning

We include Pride Planning in our list of best funeral plans because it offers a hassle-free approach than some of the more extensive, flexible options that can get complex to work out.

There are four plans ranging from £2,495 as the base offering, going up to £4,195 for the complete service. They keep things simple by only having the lump sum payment option, with all the essentials covered, including funeral arrangements, certification, and hearses.

The more intricate funeral service features list in the latter two packages.

7. Age Co

Age Co is another affordable option that offers more flexibility to those worried about the cost but doesn’t want to venture too far outside their budget. There are four plans available that at least cover the director’s fees, minister’s services, deceased care, and advice on any required funeral documentation.

The Basic plan starts at £2,770 (or £14.57 per month) will full coverage in their Rowan plan is £3,770 (or £19.83 per month).

8. Golden Charter

If you find yourself concerned about security and guarantees with your funeral plans, look no further than Golden Charter. The provider has one of the largest networks of funeral directors in the nation, with an independent trust overseeing all payments to ensure seamlessness of service.

Golden Charter also operates plans that are some of the most competitively priced monthly payments. Budget-friendly plans won’t have the same third party cost coverage as the higher-tier ones. However, they make funerals very affordable for anyone.

Their value plan starts at £2,895 (or £13.59 a month), rising to an inclusive £4,099 (or £19.34 per month) for Premium.

9. Pure Cremation

Pure Cremation may not have the flexibility or series of different plans as some other providers on this list. Still, the provider is a modern alternative to the typical funeral plan. As their name dictates, the two available programs only offer plans for direct cremation. This service has been growing in demand.

We list this as one of the best, considering their more modern approach that removes the fuss and complexities behind funeral planning. The two plans cover cremations in a trust-based funeral package from £31.90 a month for anyone over 18. Over 50s can get a funeral plan from as low as £6.35 per month.

10. Co-op Funeral Care

You will likely have been exposed to Co-op Funeral Care, as they are one of the most recognisable funeral plan providers in the UK. But it’s not just their brand name that carries all their weight. Co-ops plans are some of the most comprehensive funeral plans available, even in the basic tier.

The plans cover all third party costs and guarantees, which is not something many providers will offer. Suppose you pursue Co-op as your funeral provider. In that case, you’ll choose between four plans split into whether you want to be buried or cremated, though the costs are relatively the same.

The Simple package at the bottom of the stack will cost £2,895 (or £16.68 per month), and their elite Gold package will be £3,899 (or £22.47 per month).

Should you have chosen the best funeral plan that works for you, the next question might be how to purchase one.

How Do I Purchase a Funeral Plan?

The best funeral plan providers commit to making securing funeral services as seamless and easy as possible. There are only a few steps involved from start to finish in protecting you and your family against any unexpected funeral costs.

The process of purchasing a funeral plan is below.

Finalise Your Decision

Review your choice for your funeral plan and make sure that it suits your budget and covers all your funeral wishes.

Contact the Provider

The next step will be to contact the provider hosting your chosen funeral plan. Most providers will request that you get in touch with them either by phone or email to outline the details of your funeral plan.

The best providers will have available agents that will walk you through every step of the way and answer any questions you have about the funeral plan. Once you’re happy with the procedure, you’ll proceed to the payment stage.

Choose the Lump Sum or Monthly Payment Option

Here’s where the big question comes into settling on your funeral plan. Do you want to pay everything now or overtime in monthly instalments?

As mentioned earlier in this guide, not every provider will offer both options, but you’ll find the most will. Paying the lump sum ensures that the bulk of funeral costs will see settlement and secure your funeral. However, these are not always affordable sums.

Choosing the monthly payment plan is a more affordable way to cover the costs of funerals. However, the coverage may not be active until a couple of years have passed.

Pay Any Deposit

Many providers will require deposits to initiate the plan, especially those offering more competitive rates. Pay any deposit your funeral provider requests to secure your funeral plan, and rest assured that your funeral will get covered.

Sit Back and Relax

One of life’s most pressing matters is what your family will do when your time comes and how they will care for your funeral. A colossal weight lifted from your shoulders is knowing that you’ll get the farewell you want and your loved ones protected from unexpected costs.

Your funeral is now under control.

Where Can I Get More Advice?

Please fill in the form below if you require any advice or quotes about the best funeral plans.