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Funeral Plans

Funeral plans are topics families will keep silent about until the last minute. These instances are tough to talk about, but they are inevitable if you want to send your loved ones off the right way.

The rising costs of funerals mean that many families are stuck with expensive funeral arrangements or simply unable to afford them. Prepaid funerals can fix the prices of a traditional funeral service. You can give your loved ones the farewell they deserve without the hefty costs of the standard funeral industry.

What are the benefits of a prepaid funeral plan?

Discover some of the positives of a funeral plan online below.

  • Pay for a funeral at today’s fixed price.
  • There are flexible payment options, including monthly or lump sums.
  • Have the funeral you want without high costs for your family
  • Ease financial and emotional stress when the time comes
  • Direct cremation or burial funeral plan available
  • Create connections with funeral directors to simplify the process of funeral arrangements
  • Get full assistance and peace of mind from an expert funeral planning team.

Prepaid funerals help get ahead of the future price rises.

We compare plans from the leading funeral providers

Inflated costs of funerals are a rising concern amongst many families today. The funeral expense has risen every year for the last 10-years, where the average cost today will be just over £4,000, increasing by over 54%.

Prepaid funeral plans help protect yourself, your families, and your loved ones from these rising costs. They offer a dedicated life insurance policy that guarantees coverage of the funeral you want to have in the future. Registered funeral plan providers can help take the weight of funeral planning off your mind, securing a farewell that’s easy to manage and affordable at today’s rates.

Learn more about funeral plans.

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Do you have questions about prepaid funeral plans?

We’re sure you have questions about prepaid funeral plans and whether they are suitable for you. Find below a compilation of the most frequently asked questions about prepaid funeral plans.

What is a funeral plan?

A funeral plan is a life insurance policy that covers third party costs of funeral arrangements at a rate in parallel with today’s market cost. They address the skyrocketing expense of funerals by offering a way to pay for them in alternative fixed instalment periods or a lump sum at more affordable prices.

The policies have become a more preferred method of funeral arrangements, ensuring that funeral plan costs are minimal and families don’t need to get concerned. They cover cremation fees, funeral services, minister fees, and more.

What are funeral plan providers?

Registered funeral plan providers are entities that offer prepaid funeral plans as a service to those concerned about the future. They operate under regulation from the funeral planning authority, ensuring their clients’ safety and legality.

Funeral plan providers help with unexpected costs and relieve financial worries about any traditional funeral. They are also on hand to help plan a funeral, so there are fewer things to worry about when going through a difficult time.

What do funeral plans cover?

Funeral plans cover the needs and desires, ranging from a basic funeral to a more comprehensive option. Here’s what you can expect on each end of the spectrum.

Basic Package

  • Direct cremation or contribution to burial costs
  • Funeral directors services
  • Burial plot or preferred place of rest

Comprehensive Package

  • Cremation or burial
  • Funeral directors services
  • Burial plot or preferred place of rest
  • Your mourners present with the following limousines
  • All the essentials of a traditional funeral

How does a funeral plan work?

Signing up for a prepaid funeral plan is generally a straightforward process. Most funeral providers will walk you through their offered packages, where you’ll agree on which one is right for you or your loved one.

Depending on your agreed package, you’ll pay a monthly premium or lump sum for the funeral. Funeral plans will usually payout and cover the funeral after only two years of payments.

When the time comes, the funeral plan provider will pay the nominated funeral director to carry out the funeral arrangements or pay the beneficiaries directly to organise the funeral.

How much does a prepaid funeral plan cost?

Funeral plan costs can vary by provider and the coverage they offer. The critical factors that affect either the monthly price or the lump sum are the person’s age and the package they choose for themselves.

Basic packages at a younger age would be the lowest costs. In contrast, the most comprehensive coverage for an older generation would cost the most. The prices you’ll see can range from around £20 p/m to £80 p/m depending on circumstances and choices.

It’s always best to discuss your options with a funeral plan provider to make sure you get precisely the funeral plan you desire and well within budget.

Can I trust funeral cover?

Prominent funeral plan providers in the UK get regulated by the funeral planning authority, meaning purchasing a prepaid funeral plan is perfectly safe. The services are FCA-approved life insurance policies.

Secure a funeral in advance and beat future price rises.

Funerals in advance may not be the easiest thing to consider, but getting the funeral service sorted before your time comes ultimately lifts a significant burden. Protect your family from future price rises and host an affordable funeral that celebrates your life the way you want.

You can get more information and reading material from the funeral plan provider, Prosperous Life. They have a knowledgeable funeral planning team on hand covering everything you need to know about prepaid funeral plans. Many resources ensure your complete understanding of costs, how funeral plans work, and choosing the right package for yourself or your loved one.